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Adventure Motorcycles for Travellers Resource

Adventure Motorcycles

If you’re looking for a new adventure motorcycle, have a read of this detailed guide first.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing an adventure motorcycle. Everyone has an opinion on what makes the best adventure bike, but the only one that matters is yours.

This guide aims to help you figure out what you need and want from an adventure bike, what to look out for and our top tips. Here’s our suggestions for picking the bike that suits your needs…


Adventure Bike Options

A selection of the best adventure bikes, round the world motorcycles and latest machines on the market.

Adventure Motorcycle Reviews

Comprehensive bike reviews from real world motorcycle travellers.

Welcome to the Adventure Motorcycle Reviews. These detailed motorcycle reviews have been written by real motorcycle travellers who have covered serious miles on their bikes and know their machines inside out.

If you’re looking for a new adventure bike, and want more than test ride report, check out these comprehensive reviews first.


Adventure Motorcycle Preperation

Here’s how to prepare your bike and get it ready for adventure.

Everything you need to know about adventure bike field mechanics, repairs, preparing your tools and dealing with emergencies.

Learning to Ride an Adventure Bike

Try out our recommended off-road and trail riding schools to get the most out of your bike.

A selection of the best adventure bike training schools in the UK.

Awesome guided trail riding tour companies and guides in the UK

Techniques, tips and advice for setting up and riding a big bike off-road.

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