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Welcome to the Motorcycle Travel Guides for Asia. These country guides are packed with info for adventure bike riders and overlanders looking to explore Central, North and East Asia on two wheels.

Asia Motorcycle Travel Guides

adventure motorcycle travel guides for Afghanistan


Troubled by wars for centuries, Afghanistan is a hard place to visit - but its Wakhan Corridor isn't...

Motorcycle Travel China


China is the world's third largest country, steeped in ancient history, rich culture and natural wonders.

Motorcycle Travel Guides in India


India is a motorcycling mecca. Incredible culture, insane roads and the world's best riding.

Adventure Motorcycle Travel Guides for Japan


The Land of The Rising Sun is pure wonderment and riding here is like nowhere else on earth.

Kazakhstan Motorcycle Travel Guides (1)


Vast landscapes, deep canyons, mighty mountains and the gateway to Mongolia and the Stans.

adventure motorcycle travel guides for Kyrgyzstan


Being isolated from the world by has allowed Kyrgyzstan to hold onto its nomadic roots.

Mongolia Motorcycle Travel Guides


An adventurer rider's paradise with vast expanses of epic grasslands, and incredible deserts.

Nepal Motorcycle Trip National Parks


Home to the mighty Himalayas, Mustang Valley, Kathmandu and the land of motorcycle adventures.

North Asia Motorcycle Adventure Travel Guides


Guides on tourist and transit visas for Russia, ferry options and the incredible Siberian Steppe.

Adventure Motorcycle Travel Guides for South Korea

South Korea

Our guides concentrate on shipping to and from South Korea via Japan and Russia.

adventure motorcycle travel guides for Tajikistan


Home to the legendary Pamir Mountains - Tajikistan is an adventure biker's dream!

adventure motorcycle travel guides for Turkmenistan


Notoriously tricky to get into. Here's what you need to know about getting visas.

adventure motorcycle travel guides for Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan was once the jewel of the Silk Road, filled with brutal slave cities, shimmering blue mosques and harsh deserts.