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Motorcycle Touring

Start Motorcycle Touring

Preparing for a motorcycle tour in Europe or the UK? Have a read of this packed guide first.

Welcome to the Motorcycle Touring for Beginners Guide! This article’s job is to lay out the framework for anyone looking to head off on a bike trip for the first time. It covers all the basics to get you and your bike ready for an awesome tour.

You’ll find everything you need here to get going from bikes, gear, luggage, tools, paperwork, route guides, navigation, info on touring in Europe and so much more. 


Planning for a Motorcycle Tour

Here’s the next batch of guides to help you plan and prepare for your European motorcycle tour. 

Motorcycle Touring Destinations

Next comes the fun part – deciding where in the world you want to go! 

Visit the Destinations section and click on Europe. In there you’ll find all the countries we have guides for listed in alphabetical order. Click a country you’re interested in and it’ll display all the guides we have on it.

We aim to produce one ‘Motorcycle Travel Guide’ per country. These are detailed guides that explain how to tour on your motorcycle there, paperwork requirements, must ride roads etc. You’ll also find guides on great routes and much more here.


Motorcycle Touring Gear

Gear guides specifically for motorcycle touring on UK and European roads.

Motorcycle Touring Equipment

Reviews of motorcycle touring equipment you might find helpful.

Guided Motorcycle Tours

Joining a guided motorcycle tour at home or abroad takes all the stress out of planning.

Sometimes we just don’t have the time to spend researching, planning and organising a tour. And in that case, it makes sense book onto a guided motorcycle tour. It takes all the stress out of it as all you have to do is book and turn up. 

And to help even further, we have a dedicated section listing some of our favourite motorcycle rental and tour companies. Just click a country on the map and check out what’s on offer. 



If you’ve only got a few weeks off work, you may not want to eat into your touring holiday by spending a few days on motorways. Take a look at these transport guides instead. 

Touring Motorcycles

Considering a new touring machine? Take a look at our motorcycle reviews first.

Further Reading

More articles related to motorcycle touring to help you plan your trips and travels.