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Motorcycle Clothing Reviews FAQ

Here’s a bunch of the most frequently asked questions we get on motorcycle clothing reviews.

If you’re off on a round the world motorcycle adventure then you’ll be traversing through multiple terrains, climates and countries. So, there’s no point going for gear specifically suited to either only cold or hot weather.

Instead, a lightweight and breathable jacket and pair of trousers with no thermal or waterproof liners works best. You can then throw a pair of waterproofs over the top when it rains, a thermal jacket underneath when its cold and just wear your base kit in the heat. That way you’re able to adapt to all the climates you travel through.

We have a comprehensive guide on choosing your adventure bike riding gear that helps answer this question in a lot more detail including helmet, suit, gloves, boots and extras you may need.

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Adventure bike helmets take qualities from both touring and enduro helmets and wrap them up into one versatile lid. You’ve got the comfort of a touring helmet with a visor, with added ventilation and a peak and potential extras like a wider visor opening and the option of using swapping the visor for goggles. 

If you’re going to be riding both on and off-road on your motorcycle adventures then it’s a good option to go for. 

To help answer this question in more detail, check out our How to Choose Your Adventure Bike Riding Gear Guide and also our top helmets guide.

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We have a guide dedicated to the best heated motorcycle gear on the market. Check it out below:

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