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Tents vary greatly in quality and functionality. If you’re not planning on camping often on your bike trip then no, it doesn’t really matter what you go for. But, if you’re off on a long-term journey and will be camping all the time then yes. It really matters.

You’re going to want to look for a lightweight and low volume tent that packs away small into your luggage. It needs to be high quality with decent poles. Preferably go for a freestanding tent so you don’t have to rely on pegging it in (that way you can set it up anywhere). A large vestibule is very handy to store your wet gear instead of bringing it all inside your sleeping compartment with you.

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Once you’re out of developed countries, it’s going to be extremely hard, if not impossible, to find somewhere to top up your gas canister. However, there will always be petrol. Even in the most remote regions of the world you’ll find it. And if you’re travelling on a motorcycle then you’re not going anywhere without fuel anyway!

Check out our review of the MSR stove and you’ll see how good multi-fuel stoves are.


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