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Planning on joining a guided motorcycle tour or renting a bike? Here’s a selection of motorcycle rental and tour companies from around the world. Click a country on the map below or use the drop downs to see what’s on offer.

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Motorcycle Rentals and Tours FAQ

Here’s a bunch of the most frequently asked questions on motorcycle rentals and tours.

No, sorry. We’d love to, but we are currently on our round-the-world trip and so can’t offer any services like that.

This page is a directory of motorcycle rental and tour companies from around the world. We do a lot of research into these companies before adding them and speak to the managers and owners. We find well used, tried and tested companies with great reviews and recommendations from other travellers. We then contact the companies directly and ask if they would like to be displayed here. Many of the companies we have also used in the past or have met the owners while travelling on our trip. 

We’ve put this directory together because we know how tricky it can be trying to find good companies. While we have collated them all together in one place for your ease, we take no responsibility in your business with them. We’re simply showcasing rental companies in one easy-to-use place and are not involved with their business or with your dealings with them.

The world is a big place and full of unexplored lands. You can rent a motorcycle almost anywhere and it’s completely up to you on what sort of terrain, climate and part of the world you want to visit.

There are, however, some countries very well suited to motorcycle rentals and at the top of our personal list are: Kyrgyzstan, India, Peru, Nepal, Morocco.

For more info on what it’s like riding in certain countries, visit our packed Destinations pages and check out the motorcycle travel guides. You’ll also find more info on top rental countries in our fly and ride guide.


Firstly, do your research. Look up reviews on the company, check their Facebook page and sift through Google. Then speak to the company and gauge how professional they are and ask questions. They should welcome your questions and not shy away from any answers – especially when it comes to insurance.

And find out what the deal is in case of breakdowns? If your bike completely breaks down and you can’t get it to a garage, will they come and get it and if so, what is the charge?

For a comprehensive list, check out our packed guide explaining everything you need to know about guided tours.

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Check if insurance is supplied with the bike. There will often be an optional additional damage waiver. This is usually worth taking out, especially if you’re renting a big and expensive bike.

Also, keep in mind that vehicle insurance is completely different from personal travel insurance. You must get that set up before you leave your home country and ensure it covers you completely for what you’re doing and where you’re riding. Check out our comprehensive motorcycle insurance guide for more info. 

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Take a video on your phone of the entire bike, do a walk around and film the condition of the chain, fairings, tyres, any bumps, dents and scratches. By doing so, you can’t get caught out and blamed for something you didn’t do when you return it.

Check the wheel bearings, chain condition, oil, coolant, brakes, clutch and that the handlebars are straight.

If there’s anything that catches your eye, speak to the owners immediately.

This is down to personal preference and where you’re riding. If you’re renting or joining a motorcycle tour in the States and you’re going to be primarily on road, then why not opt for a big touring bike. If you’re headed to rural or mountainous countries and are going off-road then go for something lightweight.

We usually find that lighter, cheaper rental bikes are better because they’re less stress, you don’t have to worry about dropping them all the time, cheaper to fix and more fun.

If you’re interested in adventure bikes, check out our guide to choosing your bike and also our adventure bike reviews page.

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We’d recommend lightweight and comfortable gear suitable for the climate you’re travelling in. If you’re in heading to a particularly cold place, then go for Gore-Tex pro laminate. 

But, the best all-round option is ventilated, light, comfy adventure bike styled gear. Take the thermal and waterproof liners out and leave them at home. Take a cheap pair of waterproof throwovers and a compressible down jacket that can be stuffed into a small bag. You can use both items as layering if it’s cold and rainy and they double up when off the bike and this will reduce the amount of gear you have to take with you in your luggage. 

It’s always better to take your own bike gear over renting or using kit from the rental company. You know your own stuff fits and works and is comfortable – especially helmets. The last thing you want is to get a few days into your trip and start getting headaches from a tight helmet. 

Check out our riding gear guide for more info and take a look at our bike gear reviews.

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