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Welcome to the International Motorcycle Shipping Companies Finder. This page lists worldwide motorcycle shipping companies, fixers, customs brokers and ferry services. Click a country on the map to find a company.

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Motorcycle Shipping FAQ

Here’s a bunch of the most frequently asked questions on motorcycle shipping.

This is a question we’re often asked. But the answer completely depends on where you’re shipping from and to. This Shipping Companies Finder page is designed to help answer that question by displaying companies around the world.

If you click on the country you want to ship from and we display businesses there, then you’ll be able to see their contact info. Simply get in touch and ask for some quotes. Prices are constantly changing and they’re in the best position to answer such specific questions.

We have a detailed and comprehensive guide on motorcycle shipping which answers this question in detail.

To summarise though, air freight is the easier option. There’s less likely to be delays with air freight, and also you’re less likely to get hit with hidden port, handling and arrival charges. Arrival charges for sea freight can sometimes be as high as the shipping itself. But there are exceptions to all of this. Check out our guide for more info.

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Shipping a motorcycle can be very stressful and very confusing. It is usually always easier to use an experienced agent. The difficulty is finding a trusted one, but that’s why we have built this entire section!

Agents have good knowledge of the local custom laws, rules and regulations as well as advising on the requirements for your arrival country too.

It’s not a must, but it does massively help and can end up saving more money in the long wrong as it’s so easy to make costly mistakes when shipping motorcycles.

Don’t forget, when shipping a motorcycle you will need to clear customs and deal with ports at both ends. There may be costs to pay at your arrival destination and you may want an agent there too. This isn’t always arranged automatically by the company shipping your bike and so you will either need to ask if they have a contact or source one yourself. 

This page is a directory of recommended international motorcycle shipping companies from around the world. We do a lot of research into these companies before adding them and speak to the managers and owners. We also use recommendations from other travellers and have used many of the companies displayed here ourselves in the past while on our trip.

We’ve put this directory together because we know how tricky it is to find a good and trusted shipping agent. While we have collated them all together in one place for your ease, we take no responsibility in your business with them. We’re simply showcasing shipping companies in one easy-to-use place and are not involved with their business or with your dealings with them.

International Motorcycle Shipping Guides

Here’s a few packed guides to help you prepare for motorcycle shipping.

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