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This page holds all of our articles related to admin, paperwork, money, safety and health in one place. You’ll find everything you need to know here.

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Motorcycle Travel Paperwork

This selection of guides covers everything you need to know about paperwork for motorcycle travellers. 

Each country has its own paperwork rules for motorcycle travellers. We’ve listed those requirements in our packed motorcycle travel guides. Visit the Destinations section, choose a country, click the Motorcycle Travel Guide for it and scroll down to paperwork. You’ll also find great suggestions for routes and trip planning in these guides too. 

But first, we recommend having a read of the below three guides – especially paperwork explained as they show you what to expect. 


Ever wondered what a Carnet de Passage is? You’ll need one if travelling round-the-world in your own vehicle. Here’s the info.

Money and Finance

Here’s how to save money, budget and earn extra cash as you motorcycle travel.

Health and Safety

Vaccinations, emergency devices, how to stay healthy, how to stay safe and how to keep your kit secure. 


Shipping is a huge part of admin. Visit our dedicated shipping page for more info.

Further Reading

More articles related to motorcycle travel to help you get out there. 

Books, Gifts and Accessories

Our top books for riding inspiration.