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Here’s our recommended motorcycle shipping companies for the USA.

USA Motorcycle Tours and Rentals

Knopf Tours

For over 30 years we have provided a motorcycle shipping and transportation service for motorcycling enthusiasts who want to send their bikes around the world. We want to help you have the trip of your dreams.

Business: International freight forwarder and operator specialising in air and sea freight of motorcycles. 

Ships to: Knopf Tours mostly ship between North America, USA and Germany, but individual shipments to other continents and countries are available from April – October. Please enquire.


  • Air and Sea freight of motorcycles between the USA and Germany as well as many other countries
  • Green card insurance for Europe
  • Motorcycle rentals and tours worldwide
  • Motorcycle servicing in Germany
  • Motorcycle storage in Germany
  • Bed and breakfast in Germany


  Heidelberg, Germany

 Stefan Knopf and Chris Knopf


 Globe  Tours: Knopf also offer motorcycle rentals and tours from their base in Heidelberg, Germany as well as storage, servicing and motorcycle insurance services. Visit the Germany Rentals and Tours page for more info. 

International Motorcycle Shipping Companies
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10 thoughts on “USA International Motorcycle Shipping Companies”

  1. I live in Central Florida, near Orlando. I am considering using air freight to ship my trike to Seattle Washington. Is this something you could help me with by putting together a quote?

    • Hi Patrick,
      Good question, this page is for international shipping companies – so companies based in the US that ship to other countries. I’m not sure if the company listed on this page organises domestic shipping. But their email address and website is listed above. Please get in touch with them directly and i’m sure they’ll be happy to help.
      Alternatively, you may need to contact a dedicated national motorcycle transportation company.
      Cheers and all the best mate,

  2. Hello, Id like to ship three motorcycles from Daytona Beach Florida to Helsinki Finland. Can you assist with this transport?

    • Hi Izzy, please contact the company listed on this page directly (their contact details are listed above). I’m sure they’ll be happy to help with your shipment to Finland.

  3. Hello, I’m an American contractor moving back to America from England, I have 2 Harley Davidsons. One is built for sale in the United states and the other is built for export out of the United States. I know the American spec one should be no problem, but the other one will probably need some additional paperwork. Its a 2012 model and it was built in a American factory. Could you recommend a starting point for me because I have no clue as to where to start.

    Thank you

    • Hi Michael,
      Thanks for getting in touch. This is more of an permanent export question over a shipping question, you will most likely need to contact the body responsible for registering vehicles in the US. In the meantime, you could contact the company listed on this page (their details are above) as they may have a better idea and understanding of import paperwork for the US.

  4. I am moving to the Philippines and want to ship my 150 cc motorcycle from the USA to the Philippines and i am living in Iron mountain, Michigan were is the closes shipping company air or sea can you let me know the best way to go about it.

    • Hi Robert, thanks for your comment. Please get in touch with the company listed on this page directly. Their email address is above. Also, you could try contacting as they offer shipping in the US too.
      Bear in mind you will also need to find a shipping company or agent to handle the arrival of your bike in the Philippines and be aware of what the charges and procedures are for importing your bike there (will be different for permanent import and temporary import).


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