Germany Motorcycle Rentals and Tours

Here’s our recommended motorcycle tour and rental companies for Germany.

Germany Motorcycle Tour and Rental Companies

BWDE Tours 

UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium.

“We provide enjoyable, sociable tours for all types of bikers in a variety of destinations. We look forward to introducing you to wonderful roads and breath-taking scenery with time to take in the sights and culture.”

Services: Guided tours to the UK and Europe, including booking of hotels, ferries and/or Eurotunnel.

Tours: UK tours start at £415 per person. European tours start at £750 (Germany) and £1,395 (Spain / Portugal). Customers can use their own motorcycles, join a tour and have everything else taken care of. Tours range from Scotland, Wales and Shropshire to the Black Forest, Picos and Portugal.

Example Germany Tours: 

  • Black Forest B500 and Vosges / 8 days/ £749

Insurance: No. 

Kit availability: No.

Fact File

BWDE UK and Europe Motorcycle Tours and Rental

 Worcester, UK

Ange Kitson

+44 1743 791 814  

+44 7831 698 834

  [email protected]

Globe  European Tours: This company is also on our Europe Tour Companies page. 

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