Worldwide Motorcycle Tour Companies

Here’s our recommended motorcycle tour companies offering riding adventures in multiple countries throughout the world

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El Circulo Travel

Spain, Morocco, India, Tibet, Bhutan, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil

“We specialise in organising incredible guided, self-guided and fully customisable motorcycle tours. Come ride with us and we’ll arrange an adventure you’ll never forget!”

Services: Guided, self-guided and custom tours worldwide. For custom tours, just tell us your budget and time-frame and we’ll make it happen. 

Rental bikes: BMW, Yamaha, Honda, Triumph and Kawasaki

Tours: Tours range from a few days to a few weeks and are all-inclusive. They include accommodation, breakfast, dinner, local motorcycle guide, excursions, video of the trip, t-shirt and more. Trips are extendable, but are priced between £1,500 – £4,500.

Insurance: Basic insurance is included and can be upgraded. 

Kit availability:  Gear can be arranged but it’s recommended to bring your own.  

Fact File

El Circulo Travel Motorcycle Rental and Tour Company

  Based in Spain

  David Pueyo

+34 636 215 680

  [email protected]

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2 thoughts on “Worldwide Motorcycle Tour Companies”

  1. Hi, if it was only possible to do one trip in a life time regardless of experience (though not talking professional standard or spending more time pulling out of the ground) , cost, time of year or duration…. Where would that be?

    • Hi Philip. Great question! One big trip in a lifetime… There’s a lot of variables there and it’s a very subjective answer. Everyone’s travel tastes are different and motorcycle travel is very personal so while one person would choose a big off-road trip through Mongolia, someone else would prefer road riding Route 66 through the USA.
      But, if you’re asking us personally, then the ultimate trip is a circumnavigation of the globe or as far as you could get, i.e. UK to Japan or Alaska to Ushuaia as then you’re getting everything the world has to offer!
      Are you thinking of going on a big trip or trying to decide on somewhere to go?


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