We Get Homesick! By Carl and Isabel Abrams

Welcome to Thoughts from the Road. Here’s Carl and Isabel Abrams on feeling homesick while on a world motorcycle trip…  

Carl and Isabel Abrams
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By Carl and Isabel Abrams

Motorcycle tourer and traveller

We’re Carl and Isabel (LF02 GUY & LF02 GAL) and we met in 2014 through our love of motorbikes. After many mini-adventures, we’ve now quit our jobs, packed our bags and we’re travelling the world on our Yamaha T7s.

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We Get Homesick!

We’re fortunate to be travelling the world and living our dream. But, it’s not all ‘social influencer’ with sunshine and blue skies – and it’s not all happy, happy either. There’s something else motorcycle travellers rarely talk about… 

We get homesick!

After the first few weeks/months of being on the road and the vacation feeling passes, you fall into a new normality, where everyday brings new horizons, new experiences and new challenges. But a routine still exists, and with all routines, you can feel stuck in a void.

We get homesick!

Facebook and other social media channels are full of all the wonderful things our friends and family are doing and we look on with admiration and envy, just as, we hope, they look on ours. Our timeline is flooded with friends attending special events, weddings (funerals at our age), festivals and all the other ‘things’ that bring people together.

We get homesick!

We miss our family. We miss the get-togethers at birthdays and Christmas. We miss seeing our parents, children and grandchildren. We miss being with them when things go wrong. We miss being a useful part of the family.

We get homesick!

We don’t have a plan or even a route mapped out for us. We don’t know where we will be next week. We don’t even know where we’ll be sleeping tonight! We make it up as we go along. But that’s now our new routine and we can sometimes feel stuck in it. 

We get homesick!

It is all of this and more. We are 10,000 miles away, on a different continent, in a different time zone, in a country with a different language and living a completely different life. We have become different people to those people and the life we left behind.

We get homesick!

After a while, we remember… We remember what we have seen, who we have met and what we have experienced. The good, the bad, the boring and the homesick feelings; they are all just pieces of the jigsaw. We are different people to the ones that took that flight in to the unknown. We are different people who cannot go back to ‘before’.

We get homesick… but we accept it!

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4 thoughts on “We Get Homesick! By Carl and Isabel Abrams”

  1. What a lovely, truthful and honest account of what it must feel like being on a long road trip. I enjoyed reading this especially on how you feel you’re now different people. Wonderful

  2. I completely understand and sympathize with the feelings of homesickness that you’re experiencing. It’s natural to miss the familiarity and comfort of home, especially when you’re on a journey as adventurous as travelling the world. While social media allows us to stay connected with loved ones, it can also accentuate the sense of longing for the special moments and gatherings that we’re not able to be a part of.

    The unpredictability of your current lifestyle can also contribute to feeling stuck in a routine that lacks the stability and structure of a familiar home environment. It’s challenging to constantly adapt to new horizons, experiences, and challenges without a clear plan or route. However, it’s important to remember that this journey has transformed you into a different person, shaped by the people you’ve met, the places you’ve seen, and the experiences you’ve had.

    Although homesickness may occasionally tug at your heart, it’s admirable that you’ve accepted this part of your journey. Embracing both the highs and lows, the excitement and the homesickness, is what makes your experience truly unique and transformative. You’ve grown and evolved in ways that wouldn’t have been possible if you had stayed within the confines of your comfort zone.

    As you continue your travels, I encourage you to treasure the memories you’ve made, the connections you’ve formed, and the personal growth you’ve experienced. Each piece of the jigsaw, including the homesick feelings, contributes to the beautiful mosaic of your journey. And remember, while you may not be able to go back to “before,” the person you’ve become will always carry the spirit of adventure and the love for exploration.


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