Volunteering on a Motorcycle Trip by Morgane and Max

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By Morgane and Max

Motorcycle travellers aka Bike Packers

Maxime and Morgane are a French couple from Brittany. Max has always owned motorcycles, so Morgane had no other choice than to get into them too. In 2022, after living abroad for five years, they decided to give the nomadic lifestyle a try and embark on a long motorcycle trip around Europe.

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Volunteering on Your Motorcycle Travels

Preparing for the trip

As we completed the first part of our journey across Europe, we’ve begun reflecting on how this 15-month adventure across 14 countries began…

A few years ago, we spent an evening discussing our dreams for the future over a glass of wine and the topic of motorcycle travel came up. Not the usual short holiday road trip, but a long journey where we could go at a slow pace and take our time exploring the world.

In 2022, we decided to fulfil that dream and give the nomadic lifestyle a go. So, we sold our belongings and left the country where we had been living on for the last five years. We bought a second-hand Honda NC750X, a top box, waterproof panniers and started planning… Social media and blogs really helped us with this and the Mad or Nomad website was particularly inspiring!

Since our starting point was France, we decided to explore Europe first. For our first long trip on a bike, we really wanted to explore more of our own continent before heading across the Atlantic.

Everything was sorted. We had our bike, knew we were going to Europe first and finished our planning. Next came how we would travel…

How to travel

We wanted two things: to travel slowly and to experience local life as much as possible and the best way to achieve that is by volunteering as we travel.

We knew we wanted to volunteer from the start. We had steady careers, but we wanted to try new things and get hands-on experience, work in nature more and – most importantly – share in the daily lives of local people.

Why Workaway

Plus, we were excited about the idea of exchanging services: volunteering for a few hours a day for a roof and food. It’s a brilliant concept! We looked at several different platforms and chose Workaway because it allowed us to travel all over Europe with the same subscription and without paying to be registered in each individual country, which was perfect for us as motorcycle travellers as we’ll be riding through loads of countries. It also offers a wide variety of volunteering projects and a more diverse choice of hosts. So the choice was easy.

Travel for longer

Without volunteering we wouldn’t have been able to travel for such a long time either. We earn money on the side working as freelancers, but living with hosts definitely helped us to save way more money.

It was a complete immersion into the lives of local people. We were always warmly welcomed and we appreciated the trust the hosts placed in us – and what they shared with us too. Because that’s also what volunteering is about: getting to know other cultures, sharing experiences and feelings with hosts and other volunteers.

We’ve never felt alone during our journey and would definitely recommend volunteering to any traveller whether you’re riding solo or as a couple. If you don’t mind spending a few weeks at the same place it’s perfect. We know some motorcycle travellers prefer to ride every day to see and do the most they can, but as you may got from us by now, we definitely prefer the slow side of motorcycle travel. How about you?

On the road

Our faithful NC took us from France to the edge of the European continent – the Bosphorus in Istanbul! The first step of our journey was Corsica, then Sardinia, and after that, we landed in Italy. We rode all the way through central Europe until we reached Turkey. After a wonderful winter in Greece, we spent some time exploring the Balkans before returning to Western Europe. In total we rode 26,000kms over 15 months.

And through it all we used Workaway and had an absolute blast! Workaway gave us the opportunity to work on organic farms in Corsica, Italy and Austria, pick grapes in Romania, and harvest olives in Greece. We did house sitting and pet sitting in Bulgaria and Hungary too! Worked on organic farms, in animal sanctuaries and wineries… the list goes on. It all added so much more to the trip, meant we could travel for longer, save money while doing it, meet amazing people, immerse ourselves in other cultures and experience another side of travel – all because of volunteering. Give it a go, you’ll love it!

Morgane and Max

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  1. What a wonderful column. It’s so nice to see people doing things differently on their travels and I bet you’re right, you must have experienced so much more than most people as you’re properly engaging with local communities and working with people in the places you visit. Fantastic idea and thanks for sharing. Sue

  2. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your article Max and Morgane. Very down to earth and a refreshing and authentic way of travel. Thank you


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