Ultimateaddons Phone Case Review

“The Ultimateaddons motorcycle phone case is clever, tough, well-made and, most importantly, it makes life on the road easier.”



  • Price: £36 
  • Time tested: 2 years
  • Testing conditions: Southeast Asia and Australasia
  • Functionality: 5/5
  • Durability: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Value for money: 5/5
  • Where to buy UK: sportsbikeshop.co.uk
  • Where to buy US: amazon.com


Ultimateaddons produce high quality mobile phone cases and handlebar mounts for motorcycles. Their phone cases have an IPX5 waterproof rating and completely encase and protect your phone from dust and the elements using several clips around the phone. They also feature a soft shock absorbing inner layer to help prevent vibrations.

Unlike a lot of mobile phone cases, the Ultimateaddons case completely covers your phone – including the screen. And the protective screen covering is touch sensitive so you can easily use it with a touch sensitive glove. The cases also include a thoughtful camera cut out so you don’t have to remove your phone from its case to snap pics on your ride.

You can easily charge your phone while riding as there’s a removable rubber plug for your USB and it comes with a lanyard, which I always loop over my mirror in case someone tries to yank the phone off my bike.

The cases come with a built-in attachment on the rear. You’ll need to purchase a UA mount separately and fit this to your handlebar, which comes with a three-pronged attachment that easily clips your case to the mount. There’s a quick release button on the rear to remove the case when you leave your bike. Bear in mind that the Ultimateaddons mount attachment can fit any 25mm ball joint attachment too.

What’s good?

Ultimateaddons produce one of the absolutey best mobile phone cases for adventure bike riders. After two years with the case, here’s what we reckon makes them so good.

Casing type

The clip closures are important for off-road and adventure bike riders. Old school conventional phone cases use zips and these eventually clog with dust, grit and dirt. Having it in a clipped case removes that problem. It also fully protects the phone, unlike phone holders where you just pop your mobile onto a mount – which are great for city riding and touring, but not long-distance adventures.

Quick and full release

You’ll find quite a few phone case holders are fixed to the handlebar and you need to remove your phone from the case when leaving the bike. What I like about the UA is that you can easily and quickly press two prongs on the mount and your case is unclipped and you can take the entire thing with you in seconds.

Use the phone in the case

You can also easily use the phone inside its case. The case does have a protective screen, but a glove with touch sensitive fingertips can easily navigate it. If you buy a phone specific case, the outer buttons on your phone are also accessible and you can use your camera through the cut out too.


It’s a tough case and I far prefer it to mounts that don’t offer any protection as sand, dust, water, grime and debris eventually damage your phone. This type of case keeps it protected every time you ride and in case you drop the bike too.

What’s not?

There’s nothing to dislike about the case. We use the U-mount attachment as it’s the only mount that really fits with our bike, and while it does the job, it could be prettier than having two prongs poking upwards. But there are a range of attachments to choose from and you might not have this issue.  

With any handlebar mobile phone holder, you’ll hear of complaints that the camera has been damaged due to vibration. After two years our phone camera still works fine. We do use a ‘burner’ phone on as our navigation device so we’re not worried either way. This means we often just leave the case and phone on the bike and don’t worry about it either way.

Round up

The Ultimateaddons motorcycle phone case is clever, tough, well-made and, most importantly, it makes life on the road easier. You don’t have to worry about damaging your phone as it’s completely protected, you can detach the case from the handlebar mount in seconds, but it’s also secure when on the bike. It’s a perfect setup for riders who travel long distance in all the elements. UA has a brilliant product and we love it.

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