The Ultimate Tasmania Motorcycle Tour

This short guide has a downloadable route map of our full nine-day motorcycle ride around the incredible island of Tasmania…

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The Ultimate Tasmania Motorcycle Tour

Tasmania is one of the best places in the world to ride a motorcycle. Tucked away in the corner of the Southern Ocean, it has it all – from hairpins up misty mountains to endless logging tracks, penguins and platypuses, stunning road riding, rugged coasts and wild riding.

There’s so much to see and do, and unless you live there or are going for an extended riding holiday, it’s hard to pack everything in to one trip.

So, for us, it is one of the only places we have ever been where we plotted out our exact route before we arrived because we didn’t want to miss out!

To help you get the most out of your motorcycle tour in Tasmania, we’ve plotted out our nine-day riding route below. We reckon it’s the ultimate ride!

Tasmania route info

We allocated eleven days for Tasmania. Two of those days were spent on the ferry to and from the mainland (we took the daytime ferry and arrived at night on both the journey to Tasmania and return to the mainland). So, we had nine full riding days to complete this loop. 

This route around the island of Tasmania can be done clockwise or anti-clockwise. Once you get off the ferry, check the weather forecast for both sides of the island and make a call on which direction will give you the most sun. 

The points we marked are the main destinations and stops. The yellow markers are for great campsites. 

This route will take you on a mixture of paved roads and off-road trails. 

For more details on the best camping spots in Tasmania, how to ride there, what paperwork you need, safety advice, top tips and much more, have a read of our Motorcycle Travel Guide for Tasmania. And for more detailed info on the roads you can’t miss and our absolute favourites, have a read of the Best Motorcycle Routes in Tasmania. Both links are below. 

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