The Moment Collectors Book Review

A quick review of Sam Manicom’s brilliant new book, The Moment Collectors: Twenty Travellers’ Tales from Around the World

The Moment Collectors Book Review

The Moment Collectors will have you smiling ear to ear as its wonderful story tellers pull you onto their saddles for a ride. The twenty tales of adventure bike travel from incredible people riding around the world are inspiring.

They paint pictures of far-flung lands and what it’s really like riding through them, but most importantly, they show that you can do it too.

And that’s why I love this book. It’s not a how-to guide but captures real moments of joy (and hardships) on the road, how much good there is in the world and will encourage you to get out there and collect your own moments.

About Sam Manicom

Sam Manicom has been travelling more on than off since his first solo trip on a bicycle when he was 16 years old. Since then he has hiked, sailed, bused, trained, driven and hitchhiked in many parts of the world. He is better known for his 8 and a half year motorcycle journey through 55 countries across 6 continents. He is the author of 4 motorcycle travel books, writes magazine articles and carries out presentations in the UK, mainland Europe and the USA. He’s also one of the friendliest motorcycle travellers in the world.

More on Sam’s adventures:

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