The BEST Summer Motorcycle Jackets

Here’s a selection of the best summer motorcycle jackets on the market today. You’ll find our top picks along with features, pros, cons, round-ups and our three winners in this article. And there’s also a handy buying guide for choosing your summer motorcycle jacket.    

The Best Summer Motorcycle Jackets Guide
Alissa in Laos with the Rev'it Airwave Jacket draped over the bike. For countries like this you need a serious hot weather jacket or risk overheating.


Summer Motorcycle Jackets

Summer motorcycle jackets are designed for one purpose – to be used in high temperatures. But where and when you use them is varied. You might be off-roading in a warm country and need more airflow than your standard jacket, especially if you’re riding hard. Or you could be on a European road tour in the height of summer. Or to a far flung land where sweltering temperatures could easily lead to heat exhaustion in the wrong gear. 

Wearing the wrong jacket can quickly turn your trip into a hot, sweaty and miserable mess and affect your concentration. Or could push you to ride without it and risk injury in an off.  

We’ve ridden in hot weather including Southeast Asia, Central Asia and temperatures reaching the high 40Cs in Death Valley Nevada, Syria and Iraq. And we know the importance of wearing the right gear for the job. So we’ve put this list together to help you find the right jacket for your trip. You’ll find a mini buying guide below and our top 10 summer jackets after. 

How to choose a summer motorcycle jacket

As jackets designed purely for use in hot conditions, summer motorcycle jackets don’t need to be overly complicated or styled as adventure jackets. They’re generally simple in style, minimal faff and are super lightweight. They often feature plenty of adjustable vents or a full mesh construction to maximise airflow through the jacket. Which one you go for depends on where you’re riding and in what temperatures. Here’s what to look out for.

This is the main attribute of a good summer jacket. If the ventilation’s not up to the job you’re not going to get good airflow around your torso, and you could easily overheat. Traditionally, jackets feature relatively small vents that can be opened or closed via a zip or button. Because the vents can be completely closed, the jacket could also be used in cooler weather as well.

The size of the vents will make a big difference as to how much airflow you get entering the jacket. So if you know you’re only going to be in warm conditions for a little while and want a jacket that can also be used when the temperature drops a little, then a vented jacket is the way to go. 

However, manufacturers are now using mesh panels, or sometimes constructing the entire outer layer of the jacket from mesh, to maximise airflow. These mesh jackets are the ultimate in hot weather riding gear and what you want if you’re buying a dedicated jacket purely for hot weather use. 

It’s important to note here that when we talk about ventilation, we’re not just talking about the front of the jacket. Cool air needs to enter from the front of the jacket but it must also drive out warm air through the back of your jacket and let the heat your body produces escape through the back.  So whichever jacket you go for, make sure there’s plenty of exhuast ports on the back.

Adjustability should be close to the top of your list for any jacket. Good adjustability ensures your armour is in the right place. And importantly, that you’re comfortable. On a hot ride, any minor discomfort is exaggerated. You need to have the arms loose, cuffs that can be undone, a waist that’s not digging in at your sides etc. This will all also help with air flow. Look out for adjustability on the waist, hem, cuff and arms.

This depends on exactly how you plan to use the jacket. If you’re only going to use this jacket on adventures through deserts or hot climates, then you can confidently choose a jacket that features a mesh construction for maximum airflow.

If you’ll be using the jacket in cooler climates and don’t need to go as extreme as a fully meshed jacket, you might want a jacket that features the more traditional zip vents as discussed in the Ventilation section.

However, there are other considerations too. Do you need your jacket to be versatile or to be used in other circumstances? Do you want removable thermal liners? Does the jacket need to be waterproof? You know how you’re going to use the jacket, so you’re the only one that can answer these questions, but just bear it in mind when picking one. 

The BEST Summer Motorcycle Jackets

Rev’it Eclipse Summer Jacket

Quick info: from £129.99, mesh construction, flexible armour 

If you’re looking for a jacket solely for use in dry, hot climates, the Rev’it Eclipse is one of the best jackets on the market today. The summer jacket features polyester 600D at key impact zones and features large mesh panels throughout the rest of the jacket, including the chest, back and inner arms. These large mesh panels ensure optimum airflow when riding to keep you cool.

The jacket comes with CE-approved Knox Flexiform armour at the shoulders and elbows, and features a pocket for the RV type CE level 2 back protector. There’s adjustment at the arms, cuffs and hips, as well as loops to allow for the attachment of jeans.

It’s priced well, has excellent ventilation, is incredibly popular, has high reviews and is an excellent all-round summer motorcycle jacket. 

Klim Induction Summer Jacket

Quick info: from £380.00, Karbonite mesh, D3O armour

The Klim Induction is designed to excel in the warmest riding conditions and is constructed from a Karbonite mesh fabric at the front, sides, black and arms, which allows for maximum airflow while also being flexible and providing excellent abrasion resistance.

Klim have also used a low profile collar to maximise airflow and keep the rider cool. 500D Cordura reinforcement features at the shoulders and elbows, while D3O armour can be found at the back, shoulders and elbows.

Four pockets throughout the jacket provide plenty of carrying capacity, while adjustability is taken care of via hook and loop straps at the cuffs, forearms and hem of the jacket.

Oxford Dakar Dry2Dry Air 1.0 Summer Jacket

Quick info: from £169.99, removable waterproof inner jacket, breathable liner

The Oxford Dakar jacket was designed for sports adventure riders who need versatility from their summer jacket. So, Oxford treated this jacket to large mesh panels on the front, back and arms and it also includes a removable breathable liner and removable Dry2Dry waterproof jacket too, as well as the jacket itself featuring a water-resistant coating.

Crash protection comes courtesy of CE level 1 protectors at the shoulders and elbows, with a pocket for an optional back protector. Adjustability is taken care of via hook and loop straps at the waist, and press studs at the upper arms.

Rukka Forsair Pro Summer Jacket

Quick info: from £353.99, knitted mesh construction, highly breathable material 

Rukka are known the world over for making some of the most advanced, and highest quality motorcycle clothing on the market, and it’s no different with the Forsair Pro textile jacket. 

The jacket is made from a combination of knitted mesh Cordura AFT and AFT+, which combine to create maximum airflow and breathability, making it perfect for hot days.

The jacket also features elastic parts under the arms and on the sides of the jacket to improve flexibility. D3O XTR armour is included in the shoulders and elbows, and there are pockets for both back and chest protectors. A long connector zip allows the jacket to be connected to the matching Rukka trousers.

Rev’it Airwave 3 Summer Jacket

Quick info: from £189.99, high density polyester construction, PWR mesh panels

The Rev’it Airwave 3 features large mesh panels in all the key areas: chest, back and arms for maximum airflow while riding. The rest of the jacket is constructed from high density 600D polyester, with abrasion resistant Ripstop panels on the chest for added flexibility and reinforcement.

For protection, the Airwave 3 comes with CE level 1 Seesmart shoulder and elbow armour and includes pockets to accommodate optional back and chest protectors. The jacket is adjustable at the upper arms and waist and comes with a short connecting zip for use with Rev’it trousers.

We have tested the Rev’it Airwave 2 Ladies jacket and trousers while riding through Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. Although it’s the 2 and not the updated 3, many of the features are the same and you can still get a feel for it’s performance with this review if you’re interested in reading more.

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Klim Marrakesh Summer Jacket

Quick info: from £400.00, hydrophobic coating, wicking inner liner

Unlike all the other jackets on this list which feature mesh panels, the Klim Marrakesh instead uses a stretchable, woven fabric that is fully porous to allow air to flow through. 

The material has a hydrophobic coating which repels water and dries fast, making the Marrakesh more than just a hot weather jacket. Back, elbow and adjustable shoulder armour comes courtesy of D3O, while adjustability comes in the form of upper and lower arm straps and a waist gusset.

Klim have also gone to great lengths to make the jacket comfortable. As well as the stretch fabric construction, the Marrakesh also features a brushed micro polyester material at the collar and cuffs, and a moisture-wicking mesh liner.

We tested the Klim Marrakesh through Central Asia including Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan and loved it. Here’s our review if you want to read more.

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RST Pro Series Ventilator-X Summer Jacket

Quick info: from £183.99, waterproof, removable thermal liner 

RST have made a name for themselves making high quality and reasonably priced equipment, such as the Pro Series Ventilator-X jacket. Made from durable Maxtex material, the jacket features large K300 mesh panels on the front, back and arms of the jacket to let in cool air.

The RST jacket is the first on this list to feature a removable waterproof and thermal liner, which will certainly come in handy in unpredictable climates. Protection is provided courtesy of CE level 1 armour at the shoulders and elbows, and a CE level 2 back protector. The Ventilator-X also features a full length connecting zip for use with matching trousers.

Macna Velocity Summer Jacket

Quick info: from £129.99, ripstop and mesh construction

Much like the Rev’it Eclipse, the Macna Velocity is built purely for keeping you cool on hot days. The extensive mesh panelling allows a huge amount of air through, keeping you cool on even the hottest days. The parts of the jacket that aren’t completely mesh are made from polyester ripstop. 

The Macna Velocity comes with armour at the shoulders and elbows, as well as a pocket for an optional back protector. The Velocity is a short, sports-style jacket, but features loops so it can be attached to a belt. The back of the jacket features reflective details for riding in low visibility.

We used this jacket in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia in extremely high temperatures and muggy conditions. Here’s our review. 

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Spada Alberta Summer Jacket

Quick info: from £129.99, full CE armour, 600D Polyester PU coated construction

Don’t be fooled by the budget price of the Spada Alberta, as a vented summer jacket it ticks all the boxes. It’s got large mesh panels, CE approved armour at the shoulders, elbows and back, plenty of adjustability and a durable 600D polyester outer. 

If you’re a fan of pockets, Spada have got you covered. There’s two on the front, internal pockets, and a big pocket at the back for slightly larger items. The Alberta is a short-style jacket but features plenty of adjustability at both the upper arms and hem of the jacket.

Rev’it Cayenne 2 Summer Jacket

Quick info: from £499.99, Seeflex armour, Teflon coating

The Cayenne 2 is the successor to the Cayenne Pro (that previously had this spot). It’s an updated and ultra high quality summer motorcycle jacketmesh. The mesh panels take up a large amount of real estate on the front and back of the jacket, as well as featuring on the inside of the arms for maximum airflow.

The jacket is equipped with Seeflex CE level 2 protectors at the shoulders and elbows, a Seesoft back protector and a detachable kidney belt. As a jacket built for adventure, the Cayenne features lots of adjustment for fit, and plenty of pockets, including a large expandable pocket on the back.

Richa Airstream 3 Waterproof Summer Jacket

Quick info: from £249.99, four season jacket, chest protector compatible

If you want a jacket that can keep you cool in the hottest temperatures, but also keep you warm and dry when the weather takes a turn for the worse, the Richa Airstream 3 could be the jacket for you. The jacket features a good amount of mesh panelling on the exterior, but also includes removable thermal and waterproof liners.

The Airstream 3 comes with a CE approved back protector as standard, and can also accommodate a chest protector. The jacket can be adjusted at the waist, upper arms and cuffs, and also features accordion stretch panels at the elbows and back.

Weise Scout Summer Jacket

Quick info: from £129.99, lightweight summer mesh jacket

The Weise Scout is a budget priced summer jacket made with mesh panels on the front and rear. It comes with CE approved shoulder, elbow and back armour as well as sleeve and waist adjustments. 

The Best Summer Motorcycle Jacket Winners

The Best All-Round Summer Motorcycle Jacket: Rev’it Eclipse


Large mesh panels, 600D polyester at key impact zones, CE approved Knox armour, plenty of adjustments and pockets, it can be attached to matching jeans and is reasonably priced all make the Rev’it Eclipse our pick for the best all-round summer motorcycle jacket. 

The Best Features Summer Motorcycle Jacket: Klim Induction


We’ve awarded the Klim Induction jacket the best features award because of the quality of its features. It was a tough call, but the Induction is made using high quality materials, the mesh panelling sizing allows massive amount of air flow, there’s numerous pockets (7), plenty of adjustment, a moisture wicking internal mesh liner and it has excellent crash protection. 

The Best Budget Summer Motorcycle Jacket: Oxford Dakar Dry2Dry Air 1.0


It’s no surprise to see an Oxford product win Best Budget title. The British brand has a long history of creating quality products at low prices. The Dry2Dry jacket features large mesh panels for airflow, but also packs in a breathable waterproof inner jacket and water-resistant coating all for a very low price tag. 

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  1. Hi. Thanks for the blogs, live hearing about your adventures. Can I suggest one summer jacket to add? The Weise Scout mesh jacket. A great budget jacket, AA rated and comes with the back protector included. Have been wearing it for a few weeks now and it is a quality jacket that performs well. All for £130. I tried on a few at Sportsbikeshop including the Rev’it and Oxford but just found the Weise much better cut and fitted better.

    • Hi Jason,
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    • Hi Craig,
      By zip up ventilation do you mean vents that you can zip up? If so, yes, these jackets are specifically for very hot weather so they are made using mesh materials to allow for constant maximum airflow. There are, however, plenty of great jackets with zipped vents that can also be used when it’s not as warm. Have a look at the Best Adventure Bike Jackets guide as you’ll find loads of options in there.


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