The Best Motorcycle Tank Bags

Here’s our pick of the best motorcycle tank bags on the market today. You’ll find our favourites along with features, pros, cons and our three winners here. And there’s also a handy tank bag buying guide to help you choose the right bag for your travels.    

The Best Motorcycle Tank Bags
Tank bags aren't just about carrying extra gear...


Motorcycle Tank Bags

Like most motorcycle luggage, tank bags come in a huge range of shapes, sizes, styles and variations – all dependent on their intended use.

There are tough tank bags big enough to accompany you on the hardest adventures, and sleek tank bags designed to carry only the essentials on short tours. Then there’s tank bags that double up as tail packs or backpacks, magnetic tank bags for bikes with steel tanks and strap on bags for plastic tanks. Whatever your requirement, there’s a tank bag out there for you.

What are motorcycle tank bags used for?

Tank bags aren’t just for carrying more gear. Their main benefit is actually to carry specific gear that you might need to access often, in a hurry or to be able to whip off the bike and take with you quickly. For example: passports, phones, waterproofs, spare gloves, money, camera etc.

Having these items up front, at your fingertips and accessible without having to move from the saddle comes in exceptionally handy at passport checkpoints, toll roads or if you want to snap a quick pic. It also makes life easier if you’re travelling or touring and want to leave your bike for a few minutes for a coffee. You can just unclip your tank bag which holds your valuables and take it with you without having to rummage through panniers and tail packs.

What are the different types of tank bags?

Tank bags come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes to fit a range of motorcycles. There are roll top tank bags that double up as backpacks, semi-rigid tank bags with magnetic fasteners, large adventure-focused tank bags and even retro-styled tank bags.

What makes a good tank bag?

While this partly depends on your specific requirements, there are several key specifications that make a good tank bag.

Regardless of intended use, you’re more than likely going to want your tank bag to be waterproof, have a waterproof cover or at the very least be showerproof. If it’s only a small tank bag that you’ll only use on sunny Sunday rides, then it’s less of an issue. But it’s always good to know your bag will be kept dry in case of a summer shower.

Only you know what you’re going to be using your tank bag for, so you know how big it needs to be. There’s no point buying a 40-litre behemoth when all you’re planning on using it for is nipping to the shops for the weekly paper and milk. If a tank bag is going to be your everyday essential luggage item, then it may be best to choose one with expandable storage.

Since your tank bank could potentially be used to carry a range of different items of all different sizes, it’s a good idea to go for one with various pockets. A huge main compartment is great for storage, but all that loose change for tolls will be much easier to access if it’s in a smaller pocket on its own.

You need to ensure the tank bag you choose will attach to your bike correctly.

If you’ve got a steel tank and just want to throw your bag on and go then a magnetic tank bag will do. But bear in mind that any dirt caught between the bag and tank can cause scratches.

If you’re going to be riding off-road, then a magnetic bag will shift too much and could fall off. A tank bag with magnetic connectors also won’t stay put on a plastic tank, so you’ll need one that attaches via straps for both these examples.

If you’ve got a shiny sportsbike, you might not want your tank bag to rest on the actual tank itself, so a magnetic fuel cap ring may be the way to go.

Look into the bag’s fixing attachment and consider how it will work with your bike before purchasing.

Some tank bags come with electronic charging ports fixed inside them so you can run a cable from your battery to the tank and charge your phone or sat nav while riding. This may be something you’re after.

You might also want to go for one with a transparent pocket on the top of the bag. Nowadays this is generally used to hold your smartphone, but back in the day was a great place to put your map or hastily scribbled down directions. If you’re old school and prefer maps to GPS, then this might be important for you.

As mentioned in the capacity section above, pockets can be very important for tank bags. Many of them come with front and side pockets, which makes digging around for your house keys or change a doddle.

The BEST Motorcycle Tank Bags

Enduristan Sandstorm 4H Tank Bag – 7-12L

Quick info: from £127.14, waterproof, flexible, large range

While most tank bags are semi-rigid, the Enduristan Sandstorm is completely flexible, so it moulds perfectly to any tank shape or size. Designed specifically for off-road and adventure riding, the Sandstorm features a fully waterproof three-layer construction, waterproof map pocket, waterproof cable ducts and a removable document pouch. It can even be washed.

One of the big pluses for Enduristan here is that they have a full range of Sandstorm tank bags of varying capacity so you’ve got plenty of choice and can choose the bag that fits your style and bike the best. The 4H listed here sits in the middle of their line-up. But you’ve also got the Sandstorm 4X 3.5L, 4S 7-12L, 4E 13-20L and 4A 13-20L. There’s a selection of sizes and they’re all universal fit, so Endurstan are likely to have a tank bag that’ll fit your needs.

Mosko Moto Nomax Tank Bag – 7L

Quick info: from €193.84, 2L hydration reservoir, cable port

The Nomax tank bag takes inspiration from hydration packs and comes with a 2L hydration reservoir. Rather than opt for one main compartment, the Nomax features 6 vertical compartments, each designed for specific items, such as a DSLR camera, GPS beacon and a map. The Nomax also breaks convention with the omission of a transparent map pocket on top, instead including a layer of webbing that can be used to attach items to such as a map or smartphone pocket.

The Nomax easily unclips from the attachment straps once it is strapped to the bike and two straps can be unfolded from the bottom compartment to turn it into a backpack for easy carrying when off the bike.

Lomo Motorcycle Tank Dry Bag – 15L

Quick info: from £46.00, welded seams, detachable mounting panel

Lomo dry bags are designed for a single purpose: to keep your luggage dry in the worst conditions. Lomo achieve this by using PVC tarpaulin with RF welded seams and that makes this tank bag waterproof without the need for a rain cover. The transparent map pocket is accessed from the inside of the bag to ensure no water gets in and the transparent window can be used with touchscreen devices.

The Lomo Dry Bag attaches to the bike via straps at both the front and rear of the bag and can be unzipped from the mounting panel, so you can take the bag with you without having to remove the straps. Once you’ve unzipped it from the mounting panel, you’ve then got two rucksack straps for easy carrying. No fuss, waterproof and easy to use.

Givi XS307 Xstream Tanklock Expandable Tank Bag – 15L

Quick info: from £94.50, expandable, uses Givi Tanklock system

Givi have bags of experience in the motorcycle luggage market, and have treated this 15L expandable tank bag to some useful features. The tank bag uses Givi’s Tanklock system, which means the bag connects to a flange (sold separately) that you secure to the petrol filler surround. It’s an easy to fit and secure system, which means you don’t have to mess about with magnets or straps every time you use the bag.

The Xstream features water-resistant zips, as well as a hi vis rain cover for stronger downpours. As well as your standard clear map pocket on the top, the Givi also comes with a removable tablet holder that attaches via Velcro. If you need to charge your tablet or phone while riding the Xstream even comes with a cable port.

Givi MT505 Metro-T Tanklock Tank Bag – 5L

Quick info: from £63.99, expandable, uses Givi Tanklock system

Another smaller tank bag from luggage masters Givi, the Metro-T doesn’t feature a clear top pocket, instead it focuses all its luggage capacity on the expandable 5L main compartment, as well as two smaller inner and outer pockets. The EVA thermo-formed Guzy600D and PU construction isn’t waterproof, but the bag does come with a rain cover.

The Metro-T can be used with Givi’s Power Hub system, which accommodates charging for up to three devices at once. Because this bag uses Givi’s Tanklock system, it can also be attached to the pillion seat via Givi’s S430 Seatlock.

Givi EA106B Easy-T Magnetic Tank Bag – 6L

Quick info: from £42.75 magnetic, rain cover included

The Givi EA106B is a great size if you’re looking for something to only carry your riding essentials. With a 6L capacity, the Easy-T will easily swallow up small items such as your wallet, keys and packed lunch, while your phone can be kept securely in the clear mobile phone pocket. Once you’re off the bike, the tank bag can be carried via a detachable shoulder strap, although given the size, it would be no trouble to carry it in your hand.

The Easy-T attaches to your bike’s tank via two powerful magnets. If you don’t have a metal tank but think this is the tank bag for you, Givi also offer the T460B Universal Tank Bag fitting system, which the Easy-T can be used with.

Givi XS320 Xstream Expandable Tank Bag – 15L

Quick info: from £129.87, specific to Africa Twin and Versys 650

The Givi XS320 is designed to specifically fit the 2016 Honda Africa Twin and 2015-2016 Kawasaki Versys 650 and uses Givi’s Tanklock system for a reliable and strong hold. You may be wondering why we’ve included a bag made for two specific bikes, that’s because Givi do a range of tank bags for specific bikes like the XL04 for the BMW GS and KTM 1290. So it’s worth pointing these bike specific bags out and have used this one as an example. 

The XS320 features a large main compartment that’s expandable up to 15L, large map pocket on the top and a detachable tablet pocket as well as several external pockets for smaller items.

Waterproofing is taken care of via a hi-vis rain cover, while the tank bag is also ready to accept Givi’s Power Hub, which enables you to charge up to three devices at once via USB.

Oxford F1 Tank Bag – 18L

Quick info: from £49.99, showerproof inner lining, ripstop material

The Oxford F1 is your classic, no nonsense tank bag and this small version has a luggage capacity of 18L in the main compartment. The large version (£57.99) can hold 35L. There’s a transparent map pocket on the top for navigating as well as external pockets for smaller items. Unfortunately, the tank bag itself isn’t fully waterproof and no rain cover is included, but the inner liner is showerproof.

The F1 attaches via magnets as well as a strap that goes around the headstock of the bike for extra security. The tank bag comes with five different colour inserts so you can personalise it to your liking.

Bagster Evosign Tank Bag – 20-30L

Quick info: from £114.99, tactile window, multiple internal pockets

The Bagster Evosign comes with a huge capacity range from 20L all the way up to 30L, making it a hugely versatile piece of luggage. The bag is made from 600D polyester and ripstop which isn’t waterproof, although a rain cover is included. The map pocket features a tactile transparent cover, so you’ll be able to use your touchscreen device without removing it from the bag. Elasticated retention straps help with the fitment of the bag, and multiple internal pockets keep all your smaller items secure and organised.

Unfortunately, you will also need to purchase the Bagster Easy Road/Trail fitting support (£32.99) to secure the Evosign to your tank.

Cortech Super 2.0 Magnetic Tank Bag – 18L (US only)

Quick info: from $159.99, magnetic, built-in backpack straps

This 18L bag from Cortech includes a host of nifty little features that make it a great all-round tank bag regardless of your needs. The main compartment is expandable, and the lid features elasticated straps and smaller pockets to keep smaller items organised and easy to reach. The map pocket is removable and there’s a hidden external pocket for glasses.

There are two ports built in to the tank bag that can be used for headphones, charging cables or drinking bladder straws if you’re making use of the drinking bladder compartment. The 1680 denier ballistic polyester construction of the bag isn’t waterproof, but there is an integrated rain cover to keep your belongings dry. While this model attaches via magnets, Cortech also offer a version that attaches via straps.

The Best Motorcycle Tank Bag Winners

The Best All-Round Motorcycle Tank Bag:

Enduristan Sandstorm 4H


A completely flexible design and 100% waterproof (thanks to a triple layer construction) put the Enduristan at the top of the pile. The fact it’s expandable, can be washed, includes cable ports and a detachable document pouch make this an outstanding tank bag. The Enduristan tank bag is well suited for adventure and touring bikes and riders going on long trips.

The Best Features Motorcycle Tank Bag:

Mosko Moto Nomax


The Nomax is completely different from most tank bags, but it’s packed with features. A 2L hydration pack comes as standard and the bag is split into 6 different compartments for easy and smart storage. The top of the bag even includes webbing to attachment other items. This sleek tank bag is geared towards off-road adventure riders.

The Best Budget Motorcycle Tank Bag:

Lomo Tank Bag


The Lomo is one of the cheapest bags on this list, but is completely waterproof without the need for carrying a rain cover making it excellent value for money. It also comes with a mounting panel so you can quickly unzip the bag and uses the hidden rucksack straps for easy carrying. And it has a map pocket that features a touchscreen friendly window. A brilliant tank bag suited for any bike.

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