The Best Motorcycle Roads in the World

Here’s our selection of the very best motorcycle roads in the world. We have personally ridden each of these roads and think they’re an absolute must for adventure bike riders. You’ll find both the greatest asphalt and off-road motorcycle roads and routes the world has to offer here…

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The Best Motorcycle Roads in the World

Welcome to our guide to the best motorcycle roads in the world. You’ll find a broad selection of roads and routes from around the world here – from long and short to easy and adventurous. But each of them are special and we know you’ll love riding them.   

We’ve split this article into two parts: asphalt and off-road. And we’ve personally ridden each of these roads and put them in our absolute favourites list. We can’t go around recommending roads we’ve never ridden and just pinching generic photos and text like other websites do. These are roads we know, have ridden and love and have provided links to far more detailed guides explaining how you can get there and ride them too. 

No doubt, there’s thousands more incredible roads to add to this list. And we will do as we continue our round the world motorcycle ride. So check back for updates and feel free to post your recommendations in the comments section as well. But for now, here’s our favourites…

The Best Motorcycle Roads in the World (Asphalt)

Canada – Icefields Parkway

Adventure Motorcycle Travel in Canada Ice Fields Parkway

The Canadian Rockies are out of this world. Gargantuan mountains, jaw dropping glaciers, deep valleys, frothing rivers and waterfalls, pristine lakes,  and rugged nature in all its glory. Now, carve a beautifully laid strip of tarmac through the middle of all of that and you’ve got the Icefields Parkway. It’s not just one of the best rides in Canada, it’s one of the best in the world. There’s plenty of awesome rides in Canada including the road to Salmon Glacier, Vancouver Island, Newfoundland and our Ultimate Canada Route. You’ll find all of these guides in the Canada section. 


Thailand – Mae Hong Son Loop

Thailand Myanmar border

Thailand is a phenomenal place to ride a motorcycle. It has both insane off-road riding and incredible tarmacked roads. But there’s one route that sits high above the rest – literally: The Mae Hong Son Loop. Not only is this mountainous paradise one of the best riding roads in Thailand, the Mae Hong Son Loop is one of the best motorcycle rides in the world. Seriously, it’s that good. 


Australia – The Great Ocean Road

Motorcycle Travel Australia Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is easily one of the world’s most scenic drives. The road carves its way along an ancient shoreline with gargantuan eroded rocks poking out from the sea. Waves with surfers on top and sharks underneath (probably) crash onto golden beaches and boutique towns filled with hip coffee shops and bronze-bodied Ozzies line the route. If you love ocean drives, check out our New Zealand page too for info on the Akaroa and Coromandel loops. 

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USA – Beartooth Highway

Motorcycle Travel USA

The Beartooth Highway is our all time favourite road route in the USA. In fact, it’s one of our favourite asphalt routes of all time! It’s a beautiful stretch of road from Cooke City, Wyoming to Red Lodge, Montana along the 212.  The route is just under 70 miles long and takes you up to 10,500 feet. It’s only accessible from May to September and closed and covered in snow for the rest of the year. If you’re in Western USA, make sure you head down to Utah, there are some out of this world roads there. You’ll find them in our USA section. 


Italy and Switzerland – The Alps

22a-stelvio pass

Every motorcycle rider knows and dreams of the Alps. Insanely beautiful and twisty roads fly through the French, Italian, Austrian and Swiss Alps and there’s a huge selection of stunning passes to choose from. These include the ride from Lake Geneva to the French Riviera, Furka, Grimsel, the ride from Chiavenna to Stelvio and so much more. Check out our Europe Destinations page and click on the countries you’re interested in riding for more info. 

Portugal – Porto and Douro Valley

Motorcycle Tour Portugal

We fell in love with Porto and the beautiful Douro Valley on our honeymoon. We flew in, rented a bike for a self-guided tour and rode one of the most romantic spots in Europe. The gorgeous wine vineyards of the Douro River, delicious food and wine, wonderful people and gorgeous towns. You’ve got to be careful here, it’s easy to stay way too long. Start in Porto, head for the river and chase it along the legendary National 222. You’ll find insanely twisty mountain and forest roads alongside the river that lead deeper into the country, up and over gargantuan dams and along sun drenched vineyards. Have a read of our Portugal guides for more info and how to ride this route. 


The Best Motorcycle Roads in the World (Off-Road)

Vietnam – Ha Giang Loop

Motorcycle travel Vietnam Ha Giang Loop

The Ha Giang Loop is renowned for being one of the most adventurous and beautiful motorcycle rides in the world. Riding a bike is the best way to explore this stunningly remote region because of the types of roads you’ll have to negotiate. Riding up, over and through this epic mountainous region on a motorcycle is the absolute best way to viscerally experience it. Ha Giang is a mecca for any adventure traveller looking to explore Vietnam. We have a dedicated guide on Ha Giang, and don’t forget to read our travel blog on our ride there. More info in the Vietnam section. 

Nepal – Lo Manthang

lo manthang upper mustang nepal

Lo Manthang is a place whispered amongst hardy travellers and explorers. Extremely hard to get to, heavily restricted. Controlled and expensive – but it is like stepping into another world. It’s an unexplored region and one of the world’s last true frontiers and that makes it gold dust for motorcycle travellers and trekkers alike. The ride to Lo Manthang is long and hard and for experienced motorcycle travellers, but you’ll be rewarded with an out of this world ride if you take on the challenge. Packed travel guide on how to get to Lo Manthang and my ride to the top in the Nepal guides. 


Tajikistan – Wakhan Corridor

Adventure bike team in Tajikistan

Tajikistan is one of our absolute favourite countries in the world to ride a motorcycle. The Pamir Mountains will make your jaw drop. Riding along the Wakhan Corridor with Afghanistan just over the river is a special experience. The roads are long stretches of gravel through stunning backdrops. Overlanders bottleneck here as there’s only one main road and you’ll end up meeting and riding with fellow travellers, which makes this route even more fun. If you’re riding in Tajikistan, make sure to also ride the Seven Lakes. You’ll find loads more info in our Tajikistan guides. 

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New Zealand – Rainbow Road

New Zealand Motorcycle Travel Tour

The Rainbow Road is our favourite off-road route in New Zealand. It’s located in the South Island and runs for 70 miles from Saint Arnaud to Hamner Springs, although it can be done in either direction. There are plenty of water crossings – so you will need to take this road on at the right time of year otherwise the water can be too high to cross. You will absolutely love this road. It’s stunning and a really adventurous motorcycle ride. There’s so many incredible rides to choose from in New Zealand – both on and off-road. Have a read through our New Zealand section, check out our top routes and have a look at our NZ travel blog for our favourites. 


Tasmania – Western Explorer

Motorcycle Travel Tasmania

This is a primarily off-road route along the west coast of the island – and it’s one of the very best in Tasmania. You’ll get a real and immediate feel for the island’s rugged backcountry. There’s no signal or supplies until you get to the Pieman River barge located in Corinna. Corinna is an old gold mining town with amenities such as accommodation, a little restaurant, food and water. Another top recommendation for Tasmania is the epic Jacob’s Ladder. More on that in the Tasmania guides. 


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