The Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts

Here are some of the best motorcycle phone mounts on the market today. These phone holders are specific for motorcycles and replace the need for bike sat navs. You’ll find features, pros, cons, round-ups and winners in this article as well as what to look out for when choosing yours.   

Motorcycle Phone Mount
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Motorcycle Phone Mounts and Holders

The good old paper map used to be king. That all changed with the motorcycle sat-nav. But now, we have the option of doubling up our smartphones as navigation devices instead with the help of a handy phone mount. Using your phone as a navigation device saves buying an expensive sat-nav, is cheaper, easier, less faff and more efficient.

If you want to navigate with your phone or even listen to music while riding etc, have a read of this guide first. It lists some of the very best motorcycle phone mounts on the market today. 

Motorcycle phone mount buying guide

There are a wide range of motorcycle phone mounts available, depending on where you want to attach your phone to the bike, how you want to use it, and how bulky you want the mount to be. It was a niche market a few years ago, but now it’s flooded with variety and choices. But there are a few important things to consider before making your choice. Check out these handy tips first.

If you’re mounting your phone to the cockpit of your motorcycle then it’s going to be exposed to the elements. If you’re only going to be riding in good weather, then perhaps waterproofing isn’t high on your list of concerns, but for everyone else, you’ll need to make sure your phone stays dry. Some mounts encase the phone inside a waterproof housing, while others will require you to take care of waterproofing yourself. Make sure you don’t get caught out and decide on what level of waterproofing you need first. 

Not all motorcycle cockpits are the same, so the type of mount you use will depend on the real estate available on your specific bike. There are mounts designed to fit on mirrors and handlebars, as well as fork stem mounts and others. The location of your phone could also hinder your view of the dashboard, so make sure you take this into account and consider where you will be attaching your phone hoder.

Not all motorcycle phone mounts are created equal, and as with any new market, an influx of lower-quality items is always inevitable. If you’re using it everyday, you’ll want your phone mount to be as durable as possible, holding onto your phone and staying put on your bike regardless of the miles you cover and the amount of times you remove or strap your phone in. Read reviews carefully, if there are plenty of instances of mounts breaking then there goes your phone!

To use some phone mounts, your phone must be in a specific case in order to latch onto the mount. These cases can be sleeves, back covers or complete all-round cases. Of course, this will affect how bulky your phone is when off the bike (and also how protected it is) so take it into account before you buy. 

The BEST Motorcycle Phone Mounts

Ultimateaddons motorcycle phone mount

Quick info: from £64 for mount and case, multiple mount options, tough waterproof case

The Ultimateaddons Pro Bike mount works in a similar way to the Quad Lock mount. The Ultimateaddons case uses a simple handlebar mount and requires an Ultimateaddons Tough Mount case to secure your phone to it.

One difference is the mounting mechanism: the Pro Bike mount features a three prong system to attach to your phone’s case, with quick release buttons for ease of use. A ball mount allows 360° of adjustment of your phone to get that perfect viewing angle too.

And the second difference is that your phone is completely encased in the UltimateAddons case fully protecting it from the elements (but the protective screen is still touch sensitive and can be used with a gloved hand). 

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Shapeheart Magnetic motorcycle phone mount

Quick info: from £29.95, waterproof case included, uses a magnet

Instead of a mechanical locking mechanism, Shapeheart has opted for a strong magnet to connect your phone to their handlebar mount. At first glance this may not seem as secure, but Shapeheart say they’ve tested their product up to speeds of 150mph with no issues, and numerous customer reviews have no issue with the magnetic mount.

The magnet attaches to the supplied phone case (make sure you get the right size), which is waterproof and includes a charge port. Shapeheart also provide mounts for fork stems, dashboards and mirror stems too.

Givi S957B Universal motorcycle phone mount 

Quick info: from £42.49, universal, easy to use, minimal fuss

The Givi Universal smartphone holder is a handlebar mount that comes with a phone case that also features a sunshade, charge port and waterproof cover. Your phone is placed inside the case and zipped up instead of being clipped into a dedicated phone model specific case.

Despite being a fairly standard handlebar mount, the Givi phone holder can be attached to items with a diameter as little as 8mm, which means you can attach the mount to your mirror stem if you prefer. Givi also produce a bracket, the FB, which allows the mount to be secured above the clocks. There is also the S954B, which can accommodate both a phone or sat-nav.

Quad Lock motorcycle phone mount

Quick info: from £45 for mount and case, multiple mount options, wide range of extras

The Quad Lock motorcycle handlebar mount is an easy, elegant and effective phone mount that keeps your phone secure thanks to Quad Lock’s patented dual stage locking mechanism, which works with any Quad Lock case or universal adaptor. It’s easy to attach to your motorcycle’s handlebars, suits multiple handlebar widths, and can be adjusted to your preferred viewing angle.

You will need to purchase a Quad Lock case or universal adapter and place your phone inside the case. The case itself is not waterproof, but you can purchase an additional rubber poncho to put over your phone in bad conditions. You then attach the case to the Quad Lock mount using a twist and locking motion.


Mous motorcycle phone mount

Quick info: from £14 for phone case and £49 for the phone mount, sleek and simple

Mous produce high quality phone mounts for motorcycles. They’re well-made and easy to use. Purchase a phone case if you don’t already have one, a Mous mount and Intralock connection. Stick the connector to the back of your phone case, fit the mount to your handlebar and simply click your phone onto the mount. Easy.

You do have a few more options here too. Another option is to go for one of their phone cases that has the connector built into the back.

And instead of the full handlebar mount, you could opt for the one-inch ball adapter if you already have a RAM mount on your bike.

Overall, the Mous phone mount is elegant in design, works exceptionally well, keeps your phone secure and is easy to use.

RAM 1” X-Grip motorcycle phone mount

Quick info: from £31.82, spring-loaded holder, no case included

The X-Grip phone holder can be used with a wide range of RAM mounting products and can hold a wide range of devices, with a width of 1.75 inches up to 4.5 inches thanks to its spring-loaded stainless-steel arms. Rubber-coated tips also help keep your phone secure and avoid scratches. The holder also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Grefay motorcycle phone mount 

Quick info: from £15.99, tool-free installation, ultra-budget option

The Grefay phone holder is a budget version of the RAM mount listed above. It can also accommodate a wide range of mobile phones thanks to the lockable stainless-steel arms that hold your device in place. The mount itself can be attached to handlebars of varying sizes, thanks to the tool-free mount that includes rubber spacers for smaller handlebars. It features a ball swivel, which means your phone can be adjusted 360°. The Grefay mount certainly isn’t one of the best options out there, but we’ve added it to this list because it’s one of the cheapest out there and is incredibly popular as a cheap and easy to use alternative to the other mounts. However, if you’re going to be doing more than city and commuter riding with the occasional mini tour thrown in, we’d suggest one of the above instead. 

The Best Motorcycle Phone Mount Winners

The Best All-Round Award:

Givi Universal motorcycle phone mount


Our best all-round award goes to the Givi S957B. Sure, it may not be the prettiest or sleekest of the bunch, but it’s got a sturdy case, sturdy attachment, and comes with a waterproof cover and charge port. The fact that it can also be used with a mount that puts it above the clocks – and out of the way – is a bonus.

The Best Features Award:

Ultimateaddons motorcycle phone mount


The Ultimateaddons phone mount easily attaches to a super tough and durable case that can protect your phone from the elements, crashes and accidental drops. It comes with a built-in vibration reducing silicone layer and has an array of mounting and fitment options. It’s the toughest on test and packed with features.

The Best Budget Award:

Shapeheart motorcycle phone mount


It’s easy to be skeptical of magnetic mounts, but the Shapeheart has been tested up to speeds of 150mph, which is plenty fast enough! A wide array of mounting options, and the included waterproof case beat out the RAM and make the Shapeheart our best budget phone mount.

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4 thoughts on “The Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts”

  1. Budget price (less than£20) but solid and reliable, the Cliff Top phone mount works very well. Comes with the usual 1″ ball mount so can be paired with the RAM hardware of your choice to mount solidly anywhere. I use mine with a waterproof ‘tough’ phone and it’s a very solid setup, and quick to remove the phone with a quick twist of the adjusting knob on the back.

    • Hi Richard, thanks for your comment, I’ve just had a look online for them. I don’t think they have a UK distributor but can be bought on Amazon – here’s a link if anyone’s interested to Cliff Top on Amazon.
      They do look good! Thanks for the recommendation!
      And good shout on using a ‘tough’ phone with them. Quite often phone mounts can damage cameras so it’s a good idea to use either a tough phone or a secondary cheaper phone with a local SIM card as your navigation device and keep your own safely tucked away in your pocket.
      Cheers mate,

  2. Hi there,
    I am quite keen on the Ultimateaddons phone holder, but I am a little concerned with the phone overheating within a closed casing like this one.
    Does anyone have any input on this, and whether there’s been any significant issues with overheating, or even damage from excessive vibrations etc.
    Many thanks

    • Hi, apologies for the late reply, I just missed this comment.
      I used the Ultimateaddons phone holder for about four months through Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Laos and Thailand) daily and temperatures there were rather high!
      I didn’t have any issues with overheating, nor with damage from vibrations.

      Vibrations are always a concern with phone holders on motorcycles, regardless of what ‘dampeners’ the manufacturers say come with their devices.

      If you’re concerned, a good solution for you may be to have two phones on your travels. The reason I say this is because one phone can be a cheap one where you just install a new SIM from the country you’re in, load it with data and just use that as your Sat Nav / GPS, keeping your more expensive phone safe in your pocket. It takes so much of the stress out of it. Especially considering how cheaply you can buy phones these days.

      That’s what I do anyway, I don’t really care about the sat nav phone if it rains, i crash, dust, overheating. And I just swap the SIM every country I go through (they’re so cheap anyway) or just buy a local SIM if you’re only riding in your home country. Anyway, food for thought.



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