The Best Heated Motorcycle Jackets and Gear

If you’re looking for heated kit for winter riding, then here are the two best heated motorcycle jackets on the market, their pros, cons and links to our 5,000-mile reviews. Stay warm out there!

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The Best Heated Motorcycle Clothing

Heated motorcycle gear is a gift from the biking gods. They provide their wearers with warm soothing cuddles on frosty bone chilling rides as well as a handful of other benefits. 

As well as keeping you exceptionally toasty, they make for safer riding because they stop your teeth from chattering so you can fully concentrate on the road instead of letting your mind wander. 

You don’t need to dress up like the Michelin man with a hundred sweaty layers on before leaving the house. It makes for a far more comfortable ride too. 

You can fully regulate your core temperature with the click of a button or the twist of a dial and also connect heated gloves, trousers and footwear. And you’ll be able to ride further for longer in more comfort in 365 days a year biking bliss. Here’s our selection of the best heated motorcycle gear on the market today.

The Best Heated Motorcycle Jackets

The two best jackets on the market are Keis and Gerbing. Both are exceptionally well matched. We’ve tested both extensively, check them out below, have a read of our reviews and ask any questions in the comments section.

Keis Heated Jacket

Quick info: Free heat controller, Bike battery operated only,  £199 approx. 

The Keis J501 Premium Heated Jacket is a breathable and lightweight jacket that has an excellent fit, elasticated panels and dedicated zipped pockets for cables and a controller. It comes with a lifetime warranty on all heated elements and produces heat in the chest, kidneys, collar and arms. 

A great addition to this jacket is that it comes with a free heat controller included. 

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Gerbing Heated Jacket

Quick info: Bike or portable battery operation, water repellent, fitted, £199 approx.

The Gerbing MicroWire Pro Heated Jacket is the upgrade to the Gerbing 12V heated jacket we tested. Gerbing say this is their best and most comfortable jacket yet. The MicroWire gets style upgrades, a tailored compression fit, stretchy panels and more heating elements. 

What’s impressive about this jacket is that it can run off a portable 10Ah battery so it can even be used when off the bike. Another big plus is that it’s water-repellent and Gerbing have done a fantastic job of making it look cool as a standard jacket too. It comes with a lifetime warranty on all heated elements and can be connected to Gerbing gloves, trousers and socks all at the same time.  

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More Heated Motorcycle Gear

Heated Vests

The benefit of a heated vest over a jacket is that they’re lighter and less restrictive. If you hate the idea of sleeves inside sleeves and need that extra arm room then these are for you. Also, they draw less power and can be used with portable batteries so the vests can be used when off the bike. 

Keis Heated Vest

The Keis V501 vest can connect to bike or battery packs. 

Keis Heated Vest

The Keis B501 is the Ladies cut variant of the V501. 

Heated Trousers

Your legs don’t lose as much heat as your torso and aren’t as important to keep warm for body temperature regulation. But, if you’re riding to seriously cold places or need to commute all through the winter then consider a pair of these toasty bottoms. 

Keis Heated Trousers

Keis T102 heated trousers come with an integral heat controller. 

Gerbing Heated Trousers

Gerbing 12V heated liner can connect to your jacket or bike. 

Heated Gloves

Heated gloves are brilliant. Once you’ve tried a pair it’s very, very hard to go back to standard gloves. There’s the option of heated grips and they are less faff because there are no plugs and messing around with cuffs, but these keep the entirety of your hands warm – not just the palms.

Keis Heated Gloves

Keis G601 armoured glove has a heat controller on the back of the wrist.

Keis Heated Inner Gloves

Lightweight stretchy inner gloves so you can wear your normal gloves on top. 

Gerbing Heated Gloves

Gerbing’s XRL Hybrid gloves comes with integrated push button controller.

Heated Socks and Insoles

Cold feet and toes can get painful on long rides. If you’re suiting up for a long-distance freezing ride then these are worth the extra money and saves splashing out on a specialist pair of cold weather boots. 

Keis Heated Insoles

Heated insoles warm the soles of your feet and can be cut to size. 

Gerbing Heated Socks

Heated element on top and bottom of sock. Can be connected to jacket or trousers. 

Outer Shell and More Winter Gear

It’s worth mentioning that while heated gear is a brilliant investment and makes a huge difference to your cold weather riding and comfort, it’s also very important to choose the right motorcycle jacket and trousers (outer shell) and layering system in order to make the most out of your garment. Without the right outer shell, your heated gear is pointless. 

To help you choose the right gear for your specific needs, we’ve produced a dedicated winter riding guide which explains in great detail the varying set-ups you can use. You may be interested in these guides below for more info.


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