The 5 Best Motorcycle Sat Navs

Here’s a quick and easy guide on picking the best motorcycle Sat Nav for your bike trips, tours and adventures. You’ll find specs, pros, cons and the best devices on the UK market here. Happy navigating!

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5 of the Best Motorcycle Sat Navs

Motorcycle Sat Navs save time, stop you from getting lost, help with planning, warn of speed cameras and traffic and plot alternative directions, are brilliant for finding (and saving) new twisty routes, can instantly find you a hotel, campsite, fuel or food and have become near essentials on motorcycle tours. They’re brilliant devices that help you get the most out of your travels.   

And this guide’s job is to help you pick the right one for you. Here’s 5 of the BEST motorcycle Sat Navs in the UK…

TomTom Rider 50 Sat Nav Review 

Quick info: Budget, Western Europe, No Thrills, £242

The TomTom Rider 50 Sat Nav sits at the lower price end of TomTom’s GPS units. The actual device, hardware and all of the mounts are the same as the more expensive TomTom Rider 550 Sat Nav. The difference is with the maps and updates. The Rider 50 gets lifetime access to Western Europe maps (550 gets worldwide), the 50 has 3 months of Live Traffic and Speed Camera updates (550 gets lifetime) and there’s no access to the Points of Interest and Exclusive Routes that the 550 also has included. 

Now this isn’t a big deal if all you don’t care about those extras and makes the Rider 50 an excellent cheaper alternative to the fancy-pants 550.

TomTom Rider 550 Sat Nav Premium and World Review

Quick info: Packed with features, top of the line, £389 (premium) £299 (world)

The TomTom Rider 550 Sat Nav is the step-up from the Rider 50. Both models are the same physically and use the same software. The difference is in the features and mapping. This 550 model comes with lifetime worldwide maps, lifetime speed camera and traffic updates and also the exclusive routes and points of interest.

There’s two versions of the 550: World and Premium. There’s absolutely no difference between the two devices. The only difference is that the Premium version comes with a RAM Anti-Theft locking system, a protective case and a car mount system. Those extras will set you back an extra £90. 

Garmin Zumo 595LM Sat Nav Review

Quick info: Superseded by Zumo XT, Packed with features, £375

The Garmin Zumo XT has taken over from the 595LM, but this is still a seriously good device. It comes with lifetime access to European maps, access to Garmin Base Camp for route planning, live rider updates, points of interest, 3D topographic maps (perfect for those who like rough roads) and route logging. 

Garmin Zumo XT Sat Nav Review

Quick info: All-in-one, Latest Sat Nav on the market, £384 

The Garmin Zumo XT is the latest and greatest in Garmin’s Sat Nav line-up. It is the successor to the Garmin Zumo 595LM. The main differences between the two are the screen size (the XT has a far wider screen), the resolution is better on the XT and it also has a higher processing speed, built-in Wi-Fi and a bigger internal storage capacity. The XT is dripping with features, free lifetime updates and excellent extras such as ‘Adventurous routing’ and birds-eye views for topography. 

Garmin Zumo 396LMT-S EU Sat Nav Review

Quick info: Popular, Entry-level Garmin,  £287

The Garmin Zumo 396 is one of the most popular and well regarded Sat Navs out there. It’s also one of the lowest priced devices in Garmin’s line-up. 

The more expensive Garmin 595 has a larger display, dual orientation, headphone jack, tyre pressure monitoring, 3D maps and a better screen while the 396 has Wi-Fi connectivity for automatic map updates. It’s also set-up for free live traffic, weather and tracking as well as able to handle hands-free calls and notifications. So it depends how much you value those extras. 

The Best Motorcycle Sat Nav Winners

The Best Budget Motorcycle Sat Nav: TomTom Rider 50


The TomTom Rider 50 uses the same hardware and set-up as the premium 550 model – the difference lies in the updates and maps. The 50 still has lifetime West Europe updates, but you don’t get lifetime updates for traffic, speed cameras and points of interest. That might not matter to a lot of riders, and if it doesn’t then the TomTom Rider 50 makes for an extremely competitively priced and well-rounded Sat Nav. 

The Best All-Round Motorcycle Sat Nav: TomTom Rider 550


The TomTom Rider 550 is the step up from the 50 and 500 models. It comes packed with lifetime updates for everything, and unlike its Garmin XT competition, it comes with lifetime Worldwide updates. The screen layout is also more intuitive on the TomTom, it comes with lockable RAM mounts and TomTom’s MyDrive software is easier to use than Garmin Basecamp.  

The Best European Touring Motorcycle Sat Nav: Garmin XT 


The Garmin XT and TomTom Rider 550 are so closely matched and you can’t go wrong with either. The XT has a bigger and crisper screen, which for a lot of people is enough to seal the win on its own. In terms of battery, price, software, services, ruggedness they’re very evenly matched. The Garmin XT comes with lifetime European map updates while the Rider 550 comes with worldwide. 

If worldwide vs European maps don’t actually matter to you, then go with the best priced deal on the market or whichever system you’re more used to as both are brilliant.   

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  1. Great guide right here, thanks. I’ve noticed though that in some of your pics from your travels you have a sat nav and in some pics you’ve got your mobile fixed up on the handlebar instead. Which one do you use now? cheers

    • Hi! Good question…
      We started our RTW trip with a Tom Tom Sat Nav and once we were out of Europe we switched to just using a phone mount and here’s why:
      A sat nav is absolutely perfect for touring. If we were just staying in Europe I would still have the sat nav. We could plot our routes, save waypoints, make changes on the laptop etc and it saves so much time. But once you’re out of Europe, it’s more of a hindrance. You rely on Google Maps way more, even with worldwide maps downloaded onto a sat nav. So that’s why we made the switch.
      Here’s a guide on The Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts in case you’re interested.


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