The 10 BEST Adventure Motorcycle Boots of 2020

Welcome to the Top 10 Best Adventure Motorcycle Boots of 2020 Guide! You’ll find info, features, pros, cons and links to the best adventure motorcycle boots on the market as well as links to more in-depth gear guides here.

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The importance of good boots!


Adventure motorcycle boots are a hybrid (like everything else in the ‘adv’ genre) of off-road and touring gear.

Adventure boots take their styling and protection cues from heavy duty motocross and enduro boots with multiple hard-wearing buckles, added ankle and shin protection and reinforced soles for standing on pegs. And they dial it back a little so they can be walked in, are more comfortable like a touring boot and can be worn on longer days in the saddle. This makes adventure boots the perfect compromise for motorcycle travellers who need support, protection and comfort in one. 

So, to make it easier to pick the right one for your needs and trip, we’ve collected 10 of the best, most highly rated boots on the market and listed them in this one easy-to-read guide.  

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Top 10 Best Adventure Motorcycle Boots on the market in 2020

Forma Adventure Boots 

Forma are an Italian boot manufacturer that have been going since 1999. They specialise in and only produce motorcycle boots for off-road, MX, touring, racing, urban and boots specifically made for women (as most brands only offer unisex boots). The Forma Adventure boots are probably the brand’s best sellers and are one of the most popular pairs on the market today. 

Alpinestars Corozal Adventure Boots

The Alpinestars Corozal boots replaced the excellent Toucan Adventure boots. The Toucan predecessor was a brilliant bike boot: extremely durable, superbly well-made, all-day comfortable and plenty of protection. And now the Corozal successor is even better. You get a lot of bang for your buck with these boots.  

Sidi Adventure 2 Boots

The Sidi Adventure boots are perhaps the most well-known pair in this list. The Italian firm has been operating since 1960 and is synonymous with quality footwear. The first Sidi Adventure boots were extremely popular and the second version are proving just as good. These premium boots are ultra rugged with a high level of build quality. 

TCX Drifter Boots

The TCX Drifter adventure boots are similiarly styled to the Forma Adventures. The Drifters use vintage brown leather, look a tad more retro thanks to their weathered finish, include a waterproof lining, shin and ankle support, gear protection, three adjustable buckles, a velcro strap and a suede heat guard on the inside of the boot. 

TCX Baja Boots

The TCX Baja boots are the second pair of TCXs on this list. These come with a Gore-Tex lining, multiple colour options and aren’t retro styled like the TCX Drifters listed above. There’s also a short boot option. Otherwise they are similar boots, but it’s worth knowing the options out there. 

Falco Avantour Adventure Boots

Falco are an Italian motorcycle boot manufacturer. Their boots are stylish and well-made and these Avantour adventures are a perfect example. They almost look like a sport adventure boot and are packed with protective features like shin plate, decent ankle protection, enduro sole and gear pad protector. 

falco avantour adventure boots brown

Gaerne G-Adventure Boots

Italian brand, Gaerne, has been going since 1962. They produce a variety of motorcycle boots for different genres with the most popular being their motocross range, which the G-Adventure is modelled on. It’s one of the lowest priced boots in this guide, comes with a waterproof and breathable liner, three buckles, full grain leather, plenty of protection and is produced by one of the world’s most notable brands. 

RST Adventure 2 Boots

The RST Adventure 2 boots pack a punch for their asking price. They’re the second lowest priced boots in this guide, but are absolutely rammed with features. The reinforced leather boots have a waterproof lining, abrasion resistant panelling, external shin guard, ankle (internal and external) and heel protectors, two-buckle closure, calf expansion panel, heel cushion, arch support and ant-twist mid-sole.  

rst adventure boots

Rev’it Expedition Outdry Boots

Rev’it claims their Expedition boots are ‘revolutionary’ and like nothing ‘you’ve seen before’. They’re right – these are like nothing we’ve seen before. They’ve done away with the standard buckle closure system and use a ‘Boa’ system. You push the knob and rotate it to tighten the lace, then pull it up to release. It’s the same system used on many Knox gloves.

These are seriously pricey, high-tech, ultra premium boots. If you want some of the best protection you can get and without going to the extreme of riding in MX boots, then these might be your answer.

Richa Adventure Boots

The Richa Adventure boots are the lowest priced boots in this guide. Of all the boots here, these sit the furthest on the touring side of the fence because they lack the same protection as the other boots. However, that may not be a huge concern for some riders as there are plenty of adventure travellers out there who are after pliable and less rigid boots. And many people travel in ankle high boots with no protection at all. If you’re after a budget pair of adventure boots without all the bells and whistles, these may be for you.  

richa adventure boots

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