Re’it Airwave 2 Ladies Jacket Review

“Rev’it has done a fantastic job of producing a feminine looking and well fitted pure summer jacket and it’s my new favourite bit of kit.” Snapshot Price: £129.99 Mileage tested: 2,000 Testing conditions: Cambodia, Laos, Thailand  Durability: 5/5  Fit and comfort: 5/5 Protection: 3/5 Value for money: 5/5 Where to buy: The Rev’it Airwave 2 Jacket … Read more

Rev’it! Taurus Gore-Tex Motorcycle Gloves Review

“The Taurus gloves are impressive. They’re thick but light, extremely well-made with thoughtful touches and features, fully waterproof and incredibly warm. They make the perfect winter glove for touring, commuting or adventure riding.” Buy Now Rev’it Taurus Gloves Review Snapshot Price: £189.99 Mileage tested: 3000 Testing conditions: From sub zero temps in snowy Bulgaria through … Read more

Rev’it! Sand Urban Jacket Review

“The Rev’it Sand Urban is a brilliant bit of kit. It has all the functionality of a proper adventure jacket mixed in with a beautiful blend of style and perfect fit. It’s the full package.” Buy Now Rev’it Sand Urban Review Snapshot Price: £404.99 Mileage tested: 4000 Testing conditions: Through the deserts of Central Asia … Read more