SW Motech Centre Stand Review

The SW Motech centre stand is a resilient and necessary bit of kit. It’s well-made, high-quality, easy to fit and an absolute must for any adventure motorcycle traveller. 

SW Motech Centre Stand



  • Price: jacket: £190.00
  • Time tested: 2 years
  • Testing conditions: RTW ride
  • Bike used with: 2009 Yamaha XT660R
  • Durability: 5
  • Ease of use: 5
  • Value for money: 5
  • Where to buy UK: sportsbikeshop.co.uk
  • Where to buy US: revzilla.com


The SW Motech motorcycle centre stand is a spring-operated steel stand, which neatly tucks up underneath your motorcycle. It has two feet and a kick down lever to make heaving the bike onto the stand easy.

SW Motech Centre Stand

What’s good?

We specifically fitted this stand for our round-the-world trip. Beforehand, cleaning and lubing the chain was a pain and taking the front and rear wheels off for tube repairs was an absolute nightmare. Having a centre stand is an absolute must for overland adventure bike travel. Flicking the stand down makes taking the rear wheel off a doddle, and we had to take that wheel off more times than I can count.

The SW Motech centre stand has been put through some harsh abuse. Our Yamaha XT660 R has been on some extremely rough routes through the likes of Mongolia and Afghanistan and has taken serious abuse to the undertray. The stand has had its fair share of hits and shows no damage.

Also, impressively, there’s no corrosion or rust, despite living outside 365 days a year through snow, rain, thunder and sand storms.

Fitting the stand couldn’t be easier and there’s also no need for specialist tools. It took about 10 minutes to fit, using only Allen keys.

SW Motech Centre Stand

What’s not?

There’s nothing to complain about here!


The SW Motech centre stand is a strong, sturdy, resilient bit of kit. It’s well-made, high-quality, easy to fit and an absolute must for any adventure motorcycle traveller. It makes life on the road so much easier when performing daily maintenance and big repairs. If your bike doesn’t already have a stand, we’d thoroughly recommend this one.  

SW Motech Centre Stand Review Total Score: 15/15

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