SRC Moto Side Stand Wide Foot Plate Review

“SRC Moto’s wide side stand foot plate is brilliant little addition for any adventure bike. Easy to fit, exceptionally well-made and looks the part. ” 

SRC Moto Honda CRF300L modifications


  • Price: £57
  • Time tested: 4 months
  • Miles tested: 8,000
  • Testing conditions: USA and Canada
  • Functionality: 5/5
  • Durability: 5/5
  • Ease of fitting: 5/5
  • Value for money: 4/5
  • Where to buy:


A wide foot plate for your side stand is a must for any adventure bike. Having a wider plate stops your side stand from sinking into soft ground and makes life easier getting on and off your bike thanks to its wider surface area.

If you ride adventure bikes off-road, you’ll know how important this is. Parking up on soft sand or mud can be a nightmare as your side stand sinks into the ground.

There are a lot of options out there to remedy it. Some people carry a puck around in their jacket pocket, park up and pop it underneath – but you’ve got to get off your bike first without it sinking in, lift the bike, kick it under and repeat when you’re leaving. What a faff. Others search for a stone, rock or old can… just get a side stand plate!

SRC Moto Honda CRF300L modifications

What’s good?

SRC Moto make wide side stand plates for a range of different motorcycles. We bought ours for our Honda CRF300Ls.

The plates are well-made, high-quality and easy to fit. That’s because SRC Moto has cleverly fabricated this product to especially slot into and fit your bike’s specific side stand.

A series of three plates slot under, around and over the stock base and are then bolted together.

The plate is a good size and we’ve never had any problems with the side stand parking up on any terrain.

What’s not?

It is a little pricey, and you can go for a cheaper option like carrying around a puck, or even welding something onto your side stand like we did with our old bike (the Yamaha XT660R), but SRC Moto’s wider foot plate is expertly made, looks very cool, fits perfectly and is made specifically for your bike. It does its job perfectly and a little modification like this makes a big difference.


SRC Moto’s wide side stand foot plate is brilliant little addition for any adventure bike. Park up on soft sand, soggy grass or thick mud and you don’t have to worry about your stand sinking in and your bike toppling over. Easy to fit, exceptionally well-made and looks the part. 

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