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Hi, I’m Butterfly. I started riding in 2013 and am hooked! So far I have been exploring the USA and Canada – although I’m hoping this will expand. I often camp and take the scenic route as much as possible.

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Smell the Roses

It drives me nuts to ride through an area and not feel like I have seen it – it’s one of the reasons I enjoy riding alone.

But riding solo or with others always dictates how I ride. I have ridden with friends who are happy to follow along with whatever I decide, which is the best of both worlds as I get to enjoy their company and see the sights. And at the same time, I’m always happy to do what others suggest and am glad for input too.

Stopping to walk the paths and smell the roses, riding the scenic route, avoiding freeways and stopping before dark to setup camp sometimes means I don’t ride as many miles as some during a day. But while browsing the local shops and hiking to a waterfall might mean I don’t get as far as others, it’s worth it to experience each place before moving on.

I have gone on a few trips where someone else has planned the route with long days and not many stops, but I quickly learned to plan more. I have had the advantage of a few rides with people who have known an area better than me. They know where to stop and what to see. That’s perfect and I really enjoyed those days and appreciated their knowledge of an area.

I admire those who can do large mileage rides, and understand the stress it puts on the body. I have done a few trips with longer than I had planned days and usually ended each day almost falling off my bike and going to bed as soon as possible. I find this pretty hard to do day after day, enjoy the ride and not zone out. That’s why my favourite days are planned around smelling the roses.

Biking with Butterfly

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8 thoughts on “Smell the Roses by Butterfly”

  1. I’m with you, I must wander and see the stuff. The thrill is discovering the things that make your heart happy. Although I love the lone lonesome highway and the space.

    • Thanks. Love making your heart happy. Agree, an empty road to ride your own ride with no stress is awesome.

  2. Correct…you miss a lot that the world has to offer by not taking the time to see the true beauty that is out there!

  3. Totally agree and perfectly said. What’s the point in whizzing through life and travels. You gotta take the time to enjoy!

  4. Couldn’t agree more. A major reason I prefer solo travel. Stop when I want, go where and when I want, or “ooops, this is turning a big hairy, I’m turning back”

    Stay fabulous, enjoy the journey.

  5. Thank-you. Yes, agree. I avoid the hairy rides or off road when by myself. Nice to do what you want.


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