Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet Review

“The Schuberth C3 Pro is a well-built, premium flip-front touring helmet. It works exceptionally well, has smart finishing touches and is all-day comfy.” 

Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet Review
Flip-front, internal sun visor, comfy and perfect for touring

Schuberth C3 PRO Helmet Review


  • Price: £334.99 (matt black), £417 (white), colour options vary from  £374.99 to £469.99
  • Mileage tested: 40,000 miles
  • Testing conditions: Commuting in the UK for two years
  • Features: 45
  • Ventilation: 4⁄5
  • Fit and comfort: 5⁄5
  • Value for money: 55
  • Where to buy UK:
  • Where to buy US: 


The Schuberth C3 Pro is a modular (flip-front) touring helmet. It comes with a washable and removable plush liner, micro-lock fastener, anti-fog insert included and a five-year warranty.

The flip-front is easy to flick up with the push of a large tab under the chin bar. It stays up when riding and has a smooth closure.

The helmet also comes with an internal flick down sun visor.

It’s also antenna ready for the Schuberth Bluetooth Communication system, you just need to swap the collar out, which takes about one minute to do.

Schuberth also has the E1 model, which is an adventure version of the C3 Pro. It’s the same helmet, just with a new chin-bar, inner liner, detachable peak and more vents. Take a look at our Schuberth E1 and upgraded E2 reviews.


Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet Review
Long gone are the days of boring looking flip-front helmets

What’s good?

The Schuberth C3 Pro was my everyday helmet for two years, riding a minimum of 400 miles a week on my commute.

What I loved about it was its high level of all-day riding comfort, how quiet it is at speed and how easy the modular helmet is to flip-up and close. Schuberth has put in serious time and effort into making everything seamless. The vents are easy to operate, the sun visor slides up and down smoothly and the visor clips down easily. 

The padding is plush and comfy and there are no aches or pressure points with this helmet, even after a 150-mile continuous ride.

What I particularly like is the Schuberth SRC communication system (which I have now moved over to my Schuberth E1 helmet). It replaces the standard collar and allows me to listen to the radio, send and receive phone calls or listen to Spotify. It’s easy to thumb through the controls and the battery lasts about a week (easily charged through USB). It also works very well for using sat-nav and when on phone calls at 70mph, the person I’m speaking to has no idea I’m riding as the voice clarity is so clear.

Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet Review
There are plenty of colour options to choose from
Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet Review
Large vent tab under the chin is easy to open with thick gloves

What’s not? 

After two years and 40,000 miles in the same lid, I only came up against two problems. First up, the top vent fell off while on the motorway. This part is replaced for free by the UK distributor, Tranam, if it happens. Secondly, the plastic catch which keeps the visor shut snapped. Tranam said it was a rare situation and covered it under my five-year warranty. If your helmet is out of warranty and it happens then it’s £20 to fix. But I’m not complaining, the helmet was battered, used, abused and dropped quite a few times.

Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet Review
The white option is the most popular and retails for around £400


The Schuberth C3 Pro is a well-built, premium flip-front touring helmet. It works exceptionally well, has smart finishing touches and is all-day comfy.

You’ll find the Schuberth C3 Pro in our 10 Best Motorcycle Touring Helmets Guide. 

Schuberth C3 PRO Helmet Review, 18/20

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4 thoughts on “Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet Review”

    • Hi! They’re essentially the same helmet with a few differences. It really depends on what type of riding you’ll be doing. If you’re only going to be touring then you may not need the added extras of the E1. If you’re going to ride off-road or even the occasional gravel track then go for the E1. Personally, I prefer the E1 regardless as I prefer the inner material (it’s better for sweaty cheeks) and I like the wider mouth opening and more air and ventilation. I also prefer the styling. It overall feels like an advancement of the C3. And of course the peak can just be removed so it’s effectively the same helmet just with added extras. Hope this helps!

    I bought a Schuberth C3 pro woman, but after an hour of driving pain on the top / back of my head.
    Can I do something about that.
    Must say I just got it new.

    Ik heb een Schuberth C3 pro woman gekocht maar na een uurtje rijden pijn boven/achter op mijn hoofd.
    Kan ik daar iets aan doen.
    Moet wel zeggen dat ik hem net nieuw hebt.

    • Hi Mirjam,
      So it’s a new helmet and after your first hour in it you have pain at the top and back of your head?
      It’s hard to say what to do without looking at the helmet – but here’s some suggestions:
      1. Sounds obvious, but check the back and top of the helmet carefully. Make sure there are no folds in the lining, no wires, no buttons or clips protruding out or in the wrong place. Make sure the skull cap and cheek pads and everything else is perfectly placed.
      2. You can try changing the inner padding for a different size to give your head more space in the helmet.
      3. Perhaps the helmet isn’t the right size for you. I’d suggest going back to the place you bought it from to check your head measurements.

      Good luck and hope it works out for you!


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