Rwanda Motorcycle Rentals and Tours

Here’s our recommended motorcycle tour and rental companies for Rwanda.

Rwanda Motorcycle Tours and Rentals

Motorbiking Rwanda Tours and Rent

“Motorbiking Rwanda Tours are the first motorcycle tour and rental company in Rwanda. We have excellent and well-maintained bikes, provide motorcycle gear, free bike delivery and pick-up and full mechanical assistance.”

Services: Motorcycle rental, full-package guided tours and assistance in booking accommodation and National Park entries.     

Rental bikes: RMC Indakangwa 250cc – these are made in China but assembled in Rwanda. Next year, Motorbiking Rwanda will also offer TVS Apache 200cc, TVS Boxer 150cc and scooters.

Rental prices: The rental price ranges from £20-£27 per day dependent on the season and number of rental days.  

Tour prices: There are three customisable tours on offer:

  • Luxury package: £2,950 (including mountain gorillas) or £1,795 without gorillas.
  • Middle-range package: £1,385 (2 participants minimum)
  • Budget tour: £1,100 per person: (2 participants minimum)

Insurance: Yes, Third Party Insurance is included

Kit availability: Yes, jackets, trousers, gloves, helmets are provided. 

Fact File

Motorbiking Rwanda Motorcycle Tours

 Kigali, Rwanda

Vincent Kagabo

+250 788 427 541

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