Russia Motorcycle Rentals and Tours

Here’s our recommended motorcycle rental and tour companies for Russia.

Russia motorcycle rental and tour companies


“We believe we’re the best touring and rental company in Russia. We have exciting tours including the Magadan Road of Bones tour, Trans-Siberian Route and many more. We’ve been running tours for five years, offer exceptional service and have 50 bikes in our fleet.” 

Services: Motorcycle rental, guided and self-guided tours, visa support and help with bike shipping.

Rental bikes: We offer BMW F750GS, F850GS and R1250GS 

Rental prices: It’s between £70-£130 per day. Prices are dependent on duration, where you’re riding and mileage.

Tour prices: RusMotoTravel have 3-4 day weekend tours (£890 with everything included), 10-14 day classic tours (£2,600-£4,000 everything included, adventure tours like Trans-Siberian Route (25 days, 10 000 km, £9,000 with everything included) and expeditions such as Moscow-Kazakhstan-Mongolia-Magadan 46 day tour (£18,000 with everything included)

Insurance: Basic insurance is included. There is the option of, extra comprehensive all inclusive for an additional £22 per day with no liability for the motorcycle.

Kit availability: You for around £15 per day.


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Rusmototravel russia motorcycle rental and tours

Russia Motorcycle Rental  Moscow, Russia

Russia Motorcycle Rental

Russia Motorcycle Rental  Alexander Nikonov, Manager

Russia Motorcycle Rental + 7 903 621 11 86 

Russia Motorcycle Rental


UVenture Moto Tours

“My guides and I know our routes extremely well and are excited to show people the beauty and authentic hospitality of Russia.” 

Services: Guided Motorcycle tours, Custom tours, Motorcycle rental.

Rental bikes: BMW R1200GS LC, BMW R1200GS ADV LC, BMW F800GS

Rental prices: BMW R1200GS LC starts at £90 and the BMW F800GS starts at £70. Prices are dependent on rental time.

Tour prices: UVenture have 7 tours. They are all posted on the website along with their price calculator. The price depends on time and destination etc. There are short tours from £900 and long expeditions for £5,500 for 26 days.

Insurance:  The motorcycles are insured third party liability insurance and comprehensive vehicle insurance. Clients are only liable up to the amount of their deposit (from £900 – £1700). 

Kit availability: Kit is available. 

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UVenture Moto Tours

Russia Motorcycle Rental  Moscow, Russia

Russia Motorcycle Rental 

Russia Motorcycle Rental  Yuri Kalika, Owner

Russia Motorcycle Rental +7 925 589 83 00

Russia Motorcycle Rental 

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