Russia International Motorcycle Shipping Companies

Here’s our recommended motorcycle shipping companies for Russia.

Russia motorcycle rental and tour companies

Links, Ltd.

“We have years of experience helping ship travellers’ motorcycles and vehicles all over the world from our base in Vladivostok. We’re trusted and our track record speaks for itself.

Business: Freight forwarder. 

Ships to: Ships internationally and to any country that accepts shipments. 


  • Air freight
  • Sea freight
  • Customs clearance
  • Ro-Ro and ferry 
  • Warehouse and storage

Further reading: More info on Links, Ltd. and our experiences using this company on How to Get the Ferry from Russia to Japan.


Links box logo 1

 Vladivostok, Russia

 Melnikov Yuri

+7 914 335 0533


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6 thoughts on “Russia International Motorcycle Shipping Companies”

  1. Hi guys!
    Do you have any experience with this company “Links, Ltd.” ? I am checking costs to ship to Australia and I could not find any review. It would be really relaxing to read some reviews before sending the motorcycle. Thank you!


    • Hi Ezequiel, Yes, we used Yuri (who is the owner of Links) to ship from Russia to Japan. He is the man and hugely experienced, everybody who ships from Vladivostok goes through Yuri, I don’t even know if there are any other companies in Vlad? Anyway, certainly everyone I know has used his services.
      Take a look at this article How to get the Ferry from Russia to Japan. I know you’re going to Australia, but in the article it details where Yuri is based, more info and our experiences with him etc. You may find it useful. But overall, yes, he is definitely recommended and I would 100% use his services again. You’re in safe hands there.

  2. Hello,

    I am looking to ship a motorcycle from Volgograd to USA. Does anyone know which company could offer this service?

    • Hi Alv, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately we don’t have any contacts in Volgograd. It may be worth a shot speaking to Yuri from Links (listed above) as he may have contacts that way. If anything comes up though, i’ll be in touch. Best of luck!

  3. Dear Madams / Sirs. I am planning driving my MC, BMW F800GS, from Norway, through Russia. From Russia, Vladivostok, I need to have my MC air freigth from Vladivostok to Anchorage. I expect to arrive Vladivostok middle of August 2022.
    Are you in postion to supply this service for me?
    Yours faithfully
    Aage J. Andersen

    • Hi Aage, thanks for your question. Sounds like you have an awesome trip planned for this year!
      You will need to contact Yuri from Links Ltd listed above on this page (his website, email and contact details are listed above).
      He is based in Vladivostok and will be able to help air freight your bike to Anchorage. He’s the man for all shipping out of Vladivostok.
      Please contact him directly and I’m sure he’ll be able to supply this service for you.
      Cheers and best of luck with your trip,


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