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This page holds all of our articles related to round the world motorcycle travel in one place. You’ll find everything you need to know here.

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How to Motorcycle Round the World

Planning on riding round the world? Start here with our ultimate RTW guide.

Here’s everything you need to know about preparing for and going on a round the world motorcycle trip.

This is a comprehensive guide that explains everything related to RTW motorcycle travel. You’ll find loads of links to more detailed and in-depth articles on specific subjects throughout the website too. If you want to know how to motorcycle round the world, start here…


Routes, Destinations and Paperwork

Our packed Destination guides will help you plot your route.

Visit the Destinations section and you’ll find all the countries we have guides for listed in alphabetical order. Click a country you’re interested in and it’ll display all the guides we have on it.

We aim to produce one ‘Motorcycle Travel Guide’ per country. These are detailed guides with info on paperwork requirements, borders, routes, things to do and much more. 


Riding Gear

Gear guides for motorcycle travellers and round the world riders.

After 15 years of motorcycle travel, years spent as a motorcycle journalist for MCN and now on our RTW trip, we’ve tested just about every type of motorcycle gear there is. It’s safe to say we’re gear nerds! And we’ve put this experience to good use in our Gear Guides. 

You’ll find guides listing our favourite bits of kit and top tens each complete with a full buying guide. There’s the best lids, jackets, boots, winter kit and much more.


Motorcycle clothing, equipment, luggage and camping gear reviews.

The complete guide to choosing the right gear for your trip.

The 10 best jackets on the market today complete with buying guide. 

Packing and Luggage

Adventure motorcycle luggage and trip kit lists

This is our ultimate round the world motorcycle packing list. You’ll find all the kit you could possibly need for a serious motorcycle trip here laid out in easy to read lists. 

You’ll also find links to more in-depth guides on specific areas as well as links to the gear we use. If you’re not sure what to pack, check this guide out first.  


Everything you need to know about motorcycle luggage in one packed guide for adventure riders, tourers and RTW travellers.

Round the World Motorcycles

Wondering what adventure bike to go on? Take a look at these guides first.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing a motorcycle for your round the world trip. Everyone has an opinion on what makes the best adventure bike for travelling, but the only one that matters is yours.

This guide aims to help you figure out what you need and want from an adventure bike. Here’s our suggestions for picking the bike that suits your needs…


Here’s all the tools we use on our RTW trip and how to pack your kit.

Motorcycle reviews from real world travellers riding their bikes round the world.

Here’s all the modifications we made to our RTW travel bike before leaving.


Shipping can’t be avoided on a RTW trip. Here’s what you need to know.


To get your travel juices flowing, check out these stories, blogs and books. 

Motorcycle travel stories from real travellers riding round the world.

Our monthly blog posts from our round the world adventures. 

Columns from motorcycle travellers, have a read and discuss.

Further Reading

More articles related to round the world motorcycle travel to help you get out there. 

Motorcycle travel doesn’t have to cost the earth and is something anyone can do. The key is to figure out how to keep your expenses low and minimize unnecessary spending. And after 15 years of motorcycle travelling all over the world, we’ve picked up a few tricks which will help you do just that.

This guide is filled with our 10 absolute best ways to save money on your adventure and travel on the cheap. These hard earned tips and tricks will keep your costs low so you can travel further and for longer.