Rev’it Airwave 2 Ladies Trousers Review

“The Airwave 2 jacket and trousers are specifically designed to keep you cool in the heat – if that’s what you need, then these are for you”

rev'it airwave 2 jacket and trousers review


  • Price: £116.24
  • Mileage tested: 2,000
  • Testing conditions: Cambodia, Laos, Thailand 
  • Durability: 4/5 
  • Fit and comfort: 4/5
  • Protection: 4/5
  • Value for money: 5/5
  • Where to buy UK:
  • Where to buy US:

Update 2022

The Rev’it Airwave 2 trousers have now been updated to the Airwave 3. They are pretty much the same with many similar  features so you’ll find this review still relevant. All the links on this page now point towards the latest Rev’it Airwave 3.

rev'it airwave 2 jacket and trousers review
Rev'it Airwave 2 Trousers in action on the Thailand/ Myanmar border


The Rev’it Airwave 2 trousers are purely made for hot weather riding. They don’t come with a liner, have huge mesh panels on the upper and lower leg fronts and the back of the legs are completely mesh. Air passes through the front of the trousers, circulates around the legs and exits at the back. That’s it’s job and it does it very well.

But instead of just making a meshed pair of trousers and calling it a day, Rev’it gave the Airwave 2 trousers a load of extra features.

The trousers come with two large hip pockets with chunky zips, which is great as women’s bike trousers usually have tiny little pockets that you need tweezers to get anything out of. The front is done up with a sleek sliding button and the waist has two fasteners to get the fit spot on. The bum area has two grip patches to help stop you sliding around the seat.

What’s good?

The Rev’it Airwave 2 summer suit is incredible value for money considering how good it is. Through our boiling hot ride in Southeast Asia, I have been wearing the lightweight Airwave 2 jacket and trousers and they’ve both kept me cool and comfortable in 35C+ temperatures. I explained how cleverly designed and well-made the jacket is in my Rev’it Airwave 2 Jacket Review, and these accompanying trousers are the perfect partner.

One feature that I particularly like is the large trouser bottom openings. I hate having to wrestle a pair of trousers over my boots, so thankfully these come with a long-zipped opening and two large Velcro tabs on either side of the leg to tighten the bottoms down over the boots. It makes getting my boots on in the morning a doddle.

What’s not?

I haven’t found a single fault after 2,000 miles in these trousers. They’ve kept me cool, fit brilliantly and have excellent features. 

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Southeast Asia is ridiculously hot in summer and the roads can be sketchy at best. Being on the road all day and riding from country to country means we need proper gear and I’m lucky to have found such comfortable, well-made and ventilated kit. The Airwave 2 jacket and trousers are specifically designed to keep you cool in the heat – if that’s what you need, then these are for you.

Rev’it Airwave 2 Trousers Review: 17/20

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