Richa Ladies Air Vent Evo Jeans Review - £149.99

“The Richa Air Vent Evo jeans are true to their name, comfortable, lightweight and great for hot summer weather.”

Richa Ladies Air Vent Evo Jeans Review


  • Price: £149.99
  • Mileage tested: 1000
  • Testing conditions: Touring Japan
  • Durability: 55
  • Fit and comfort: 25
  • Protection: 45
  • Value for money: 45
  • Contact:


I used these trousers for over 1000 miles in Japan. Most of that time was spent in sweltering heat (with the odd sporadic snowstorm in the mountains) and these trousers kept my legs cool. They’re exceptionally well ventilated and come with a few extra features too.

Richa Ladies Air Vent Evo Jeans Review

The Richa trousers have a grippy patch sewn into the bum area to stop you sliding around on the seat.

Richa Ladies Air Vent Evo Jeans Review

Richa Ladies Air Vent Evo Jeans Review

The trouser bottoms have a wide Velcro tab and a zipped opening, which makes slipping them over boots a doddle. The lower leg and knee area also have reflective panels for extra safety when riding at night. And there are two zipped pockets at the top.

Richa Ladies Air Vent Evo Jeans Review

Richa Ladies Air Vent Evo Jeans Review

What’s good?

Despite being particularly suited to summer riding, they do come with a removable thermal and waterproof liner, which do their job well enough for a mesh panelled pair of trousers. And they kept me warm and dry when we battled some snowy mountain passes.

I was quite surprised at how well they performed in all weather conditions considering the low-price tag.

Richa Ladies Air Vent Evo Jeans Review

And when the temperature shot up again, the ventilation kicked into action pretty sharpish. There are four large mesh panels on the front and four on the back, which makes a huge difference to airflow.

What’s not?

However, there are a few niggles when it comes to women’s sizing. The Richa jeans are comfortable when riding and come with stretchy knee panels too. But when off the bike, they are baggy around the waist and can feel tight on the legs, which means you need to go up a size to accommodate the legs and are left with a lot of space at the lower back. They do come with an adjustable Velcro waist strap to pull it all in and a stretchy material on the waist as well. But the Velcro tab isn’t particularly long so there’s only so much it can tighten.

Richa Ladies Air Vent Evo Jeans Review

It’s not to say you can’t find the perfect size. You just need to be careful when choosing the right size. I’d definitely recommend trying them on first at Sportsbikeshop’s headquarters, or ordering a couple of sizes and returning the ones that don’t fit. To give you some idea of my sizing, I’m normally a size 12 but used these in a DXL.

Richa Ladies Air Vent Evo Jeans Review

Round up

Sizing woes aside, the Richa jeans are a competitively priced solid all-rounder and perform exceptionally well in the summer months.

Total score: 1520

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