LOMO 40L Waterproof Duffel Review - £25.99

This bag has been exposed to the elements every-day, non-stop for three months while strapped to our motorcycle. It’s been through everything from snow storms to torrential rain, sandy tracks and blazing sun and has proven incredibly tough and 100% waterproof.

adventure motorcycle lomo dry bag luggage review


  • Price: £25.99
  • Time tested: 3 months at time of writing
  • Durability: 55
  • Ease of use: 55
  • Value for money: 55
  • Contact: www.lomo.co.uk


This dry bag duffel comes in a range of sizes but we opted for and tested the 40L version as it best suits our needs. It has a roll top closure, two compression straps up top and two more straps on the sides. It comes with carry handles and a shoulder strap. The bag measures out at 59cm long, 29cm high and 32cm wide.

lomo 40l dry bag review

What’s good?

We have three of these 40L bags, which make up the bulk of our luggage. One bag lives on the bike permanently; it holds all our camping gear and is securely fastened to the bike via a PacSafe mesh net. If we’re going into a hotel for the night it stays on. We also have one 40L bag each, containing our personal gear like clothes, wash kit and trainers. These are taken off the bike in the evening and strapped back on in the morning every day. All three bags are exposed to the elements 247, they’re caked in mud and dirt, put through torrential rain, heavy snow, baking sun, chucked around and abused. And they’ve never leaked, let in any dust and show no signs of wear.

What’s not?

There are no faults with this bag. If I absoloutly had to add something though, it’d be a small external mesh or zip pocket for quick and eaasy access.


Lomo’s 40 litre duffel is waterproof, dustproof, tough, durable, packs up small, is lightweight and exceptional value for money at £25.99.

Total score: 1515

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