LOMO 20L Waterproof Dry Bag Review - £11.50

This bag is the perfect companion for any adventure bike rider. It’s lightweight, durable, waterproof, dustproof and only costs £11.50!

lomo waterproof dry bag


  • Price: £11.50
  • Time tested: one year
  • Durability: 55
  • Ease of use: 55
  • Value for money: 55
  • Contact: www.lomo.co.uk


Lomo has designed this bag specifically for motorcycles but it can be used on bicycles or for trekking. It comes with a multi-loop handle strap so you can slip bungees through for a secure fastening. It has one roll down top and one carry handle.

What’s good?

I first used this bag on a two-week motorcycle ride through the Himalayas. It was my only luggage bag and I managed to stuff everything I needed in it. The route took on all types of weather conditions and the bag remained completely waterproof and dustproof. It also took a few big knocks with plenty of crashes and stayed intact. I was so impressed with it that I started to only use Lomo bags from then on. The size and shape make it ideal for strapping down to your pillion seat or on top of your pannier.

adventure motorcycle luggage lomo dry bag

What’s not?

I can’t pick a single fault with the Lomo 20 litre dry bag. It’s £11.50 for a tough waterproof bag, how can there be any faults with that!


Waterproof, thoughtfully designed, tough and incredibly cheap.

Total score: 1515

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