Rally Raid Honda CRF300L Low Side Stand Review

“Rally Raid produce exceptionally well-made hard parts for bikes. So it was our first choice when we needed a heavier duty and shorter side stand for our Honda CRF300Ls.” 

Rally Raid Short Side Stand


  • Price: £84
  • Time tested: 4 months
  • Miles tested: 8,000 miles
  • Testing conditions: USA and Canada
  • Where to buy UK: rallyraidproducts.co.uk
Rally Raid Low Side Stand Review

Rally Raid Honda CRF300L Short Side Stand Review

The Honda CRF300L has a whopping seat height of 880mm. And as I’m (Alissa) 5’4” that makes it pretty tricky to get my feet down – even with my bike full of luggage. So, I bought a Kouba Lowering Link and dropped the overall height by 44.5mm and fitted a stiffer rear spring.

This lifted the rear of the bike too high and when kicking the side stand down it felt like the bike was almost vertical.

Luckily, British firm Rally Raid produce a lower side stand specifically for the CRF300L that’s also far more heavy duty.

The shorter stand shaves 20mm off the stock and makes a big difference to how the bike stands up.

But, it’s not just a shorter stand, as with all Rally Raid products, it’s super high quality and beefier than the stock (25mm tubing over the stock 22mm). It’s steel fabricated and has the exact same shape footplate as the stock stand. It fits perfectly in replacement of the original and comes with a heavy-duty (50% stronger) spring and tool for removing the original and pulling the new one on.

If you’re lowering your Honda CRF300L or going for a shorter shock system, consider changing your side stand and we’d highly recommend this one from Rally Raid.

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