Pakistan Motorcycle Rentals and Tours

Here’s our recommended motorcycle tour and rental companies for Pakistan.

Pakistan Motorcycle Rental and Tour Companies

Gilgit Bikers

“Gilgit Bikers has been bringing riders from all over the world together for over three years. We provide adventure fuelled motorcycle tours and rentals in Pakistan with a deep passion for making memories, friendships and planning exciting trips. So come and explore the Himalayas, Hindukush, Karakorum Highway and more with us!” 

Services: Short and long-term motorcycle tours and rentals/ Mountain trekking/ Culture tours/ Jeep Safaris/ Four Seasonal tours. Based in Gilgit near the airport. 

Rental bikes: Suzuki 150SE, GS Suzuki 150 and Honda 125.

Rental prices:

  • Suzuki 150SE – £14.50 per day
  • Honda 125 – £11.50 per day
  • 4×4 Jeep – £30.50 per day 
  • Mini Car – £23.50 per day 
  • Each price is reduced for rentals longer than 14 days

Tour prices:

  • 10 day Astor, Deosai Plains, Skardu Tours – £1,250
  • 12 day Fairy Meadows, Hunza and Shandur Top Tour – £1,450
  • 14 day Karakorum Valley tour – £1,550
  • 18 day Himalaya, Hindu Kush and Karakorum Tour – £2,050
  • Customisable trips also available

Insurance: Full motorcycle insurance is included.

Kit availability: Rental and tour bikes include helmets, gloves and protection.

Fact File

Gilgit Bikers Pakistan Motorcycle Retnal and Tours

 Gilgit, Pakistan

Nadeem Ahmad

+923 1115 88723 (WhatsApp)

Karakoram Bikers

“We are a down to earth, grass roots company with a deep connection to the mountains, local communities and culture. We were born riding and motorbikes are a part of our very existence. We will provide a true and quality-assured experience when riding in Northern Pakistan.

Services: Guided short and long tours (motorbike, car, trekking, culture, city)/ Motorcycle rental in Northern Pakistan/ Homestay accommodation in Danyor/Gilgit where the bikes are based/ Visa support and travel planning advice.

Rental bikes: GS Suzuki 150SE, GS Suzuki 150 and Honda 125. 

Rental prices: 

  • GS Suzuki 150 – £12 per day with reductions after 14 days
  • GS Suzuki 150SE – £13 per day with reductions after 14 days
  • Honda 125 – £10 per day with reductions after 14 days
Tour prices:
  • 13 day Classic Karakoram Highway tour – £1,800
  • 19 day Pure Pakistan fully immersive loop – £2,300
  • Custom group trip options available. 
  • Support packages for overland riders from £135 – £605 

Insurance: All bikes have comprehensive motorcycle insurance included in the hire price, covering loss, damage and third party. Personal injury and travel insurance is the responsibility of the hirer.

Kit availability: Rental includes helmet, gloves, knee and elbow pads. 

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Karakoram Bikers Pakistan Motorcycle Rentals and Tours

 Gilgit, Pakistan

Tabish Butt

+92 ( 0)333 820 4525 

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