Oxford HotGrips Pro Adventure Review

“The Oxford HotGrips Pro Adventure are a must. Heated grips are a quick, easy and simple modification that make a huge difference to your ride and comfort in cold weather. And these Pro grips are the best out there.” 

Oxford Pro Adventure Heated Grips Review


  • Price: £199
  • Time tested: 4 months
  • Miles tested: 8,000 miles
  • Testing conditions: USA and Canada
  • Functionality: 5/5
  • Durability: 5/5
  • Value for money: 4/5
  • Where to buy UK: sportsbikeshop.co.uk
  • Where to buy US: revzilla.com

Oxford Heated Grips Pro Adventure Review

Heated grips are a must if you live and ride in cold weather countries. The thing about heated grips is that once you try them, it’s very hard to not have them. And why wouldn’t you want to keep your hands toasty on a long and cold ride? Aside from keeping your mitts warm, it’s also safer so you’re not riding with rigidly cold digits.

You do have a few alternatives though. You could instead opt for huge arctic style gloves. But these can be difficult to ride in and affect your fine control of the motorcycle – plus the cold will eventually seep in anyway. Heated gloves are another option, and a good one at that. But they are a lot more effort and faff than heated grips as they have to be plugged in, cables routed, unplugged when you get off to fill up with fuel and re-plugged etc.

Heated grips just make keeping your hands warm easy, so you can concentrate on the ride. 

Oxford Pro Adventure Heated Grips Review



Oxford are top of the list when it comes to aftermarket heated grips. The British firm has been producing these little life savers for years, and their new Pro grips are their latest and greatest offering.

First up, the Pro models come in three iterations: Sport, Touring and Adventure with the main difference being in grip size, length and pattern. For this review, we are using the Adventure grips.

The most obvious change to previous Oxford Hot Grips is the missing temperature controller. Typically, Oxford’s heated grips come with a little control unit that needs to be attached to the handlebar. From this device you can switch the controller on and then flick through your heat settings.

But with the Pro, you can switch on and cycle through the heat settings all from the push of a single small button on your left grip.

This handy modification makes it safer as you don’t have to remove your hand from the grip to fumble through settings and it saves precious handlebar space.

You just need to hold down the button and an LED light pops on. You’ve then got three heat settings: Red 45C, White 40C and Blue 35C. To change between the three requires a single push. Hold down for 3 seconds and it’ll switch off.

A nice touch is that the device saves the current heat setting, so if for example you prefer Blue and leave it on that setting when you turn your bike off, it’ll default to that last setting you had when you turn your bike back on. However, this function only works if you wire your grips to the ignition.

Another excellent addition is the battery saving mode, which protects the bike against accidently running your battery flat. If you forget to turn the switch off, it does it for you and has an additional battery saving mode for lithium batteries too.

Oxford Pro Adventure Heated Grips Review

What’s good?

As we recently swapped our round the world travel bikes for two Honda CRF300Ls, we decided to kit them out with all the little luxuries we’ve been missing over the last five years. And towards the top of that list was heated grips. Mainly because a few months ago I was riding in cold New Zealand on a borrowed BMW R1200GS with heated grips and realised I was missing out – big time.

So, when we flew home to prep our CRFs, we grabbed a pair of Oxford Pro heated grips and installed them straight away.

The grips themselves are made from silicone (which Oxford say increases the grip lifespan by 200%).

I like how streamlined the grips are, they’re not thick and uncomfortable to ride in and our hands don’t ache after hours in the saddle each day – whether we’re on or off-road.

And I love how easy they are to use. Unhook your thumb and flick the grips into life with the push of a button and they’ll return to the last heat setting you had them on and immediately get to work warming up your hands.

I far prefer to ride in summer gloves – all year round if I can get away with it – and these grips mean I can ride in comfort for longer without having to stop and wrap my fingers around a hot cup of tea every 20 minutes.

Honda CRF300L Adventure Bike in Canada

What’s not?

You’ll notice in a lot of the reviews people complain about the fitting glue you get with the grips. They must be glued onto the bars, but be warned the glue dries extremely quickly. With one of our grips, it dried before we had time to slot it on (we’re talking under five seconds) and had a huge pain trying to realign it. So, make sure you do a dry run and slot them on without the glue to make sure they slide on easily. Then, put the grips right next to the handlebar, put a flew splodges on and ram it on immediately.

The other thing to mention is that these are rather pricey at £199. They’re still relatively new, so the price might come down. But Oxford’s standard Hot grips are around £60 and their next model up (the Evo) are £130. So, you are paying a premium here for the integrated controller and the Pro’s additional battery saving features.


The Oxford Hot Grips Pro Adventure are a must. Heated grips are a quick, easy and simple modification that make a huge difference to your ride and comfort in cold weather. And these Pro grips are the best out there.

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  1. Hello!

    Verry nice grips indeed! I am planing to buy them but I have only one doubt. Has it ever occured to you to accidentaly turn them on or off due to the placement of the button?

    • Hi Andrei, thanks for your comment.
      Good question, but no, i’ve never accidently turned them on. The button is little and towards the base of the grip so there’s not much pressure there from the hand, and the button does require a decent push to switch on. So no problems. Hope this helps,

      • Thank you so much for the fast reply. It was verry helpful as I was debating with my inner self for the last two weeks about this matter. I have just ordered a pair.

        • Hi Andrei, no worries, i’m glad you have found inner peace 🙂
          And I hope you like the grips! Just remember when you fit them that the glue dries EXTREMELY fast, so make sure you do that bit very quickly and that you’ve done a dry test fit first.
          Take care and all the best,


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