Outback Motortek Pannier Racks Review

“The Outback Motortek Pannier Racks are exceptionally well-made, tough, durable, solid construction and cleverly thought out. They’re regarded as the best in the business and it’s easy to see why.” 

Outback Motortek Panniers Review


  • Price: £275
  • Time tested: 4 months
  • Miles tested: 8,000
  • Testing conditions: USA and Canada
  • Functionality: 5/5
  • Durability: 5/5
  • Value for money: 5/5
  • Where to buy: outbackmotortek.com

Why we went with Outback Motortek

For the last five years we have been travelling on a Yamaha XT660R with completely unsuitable pannier racks that snapped and broke at every opportunity. We had to have them welded and fixed the world over from Slovakia to Siberia. And that was a headache we wanted to do without when we changed our bikes to Honda CRF300Ls.

Outback Motortek is a Canadian company that produce hard parts and protective accessories for a range of adventure motorcycles. They’re a well-known and highly respected brand in the world of adventure bike crash protection and so we knew we wanted to buy their racks when we got our new bikes.

This review is focused on fitting the pannier racks to Honda CRF300Ls, but Outback Motortek produce racks for a huge range of bikes, so this review can be applied to whichever bike you ride.

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The racks are made using mild-steel and each side is a solid construction – meaning the rack frames are not bolted together like some other brands.

The racks fitted easily with clear and concise instructions and YouTube videos to help. It was a twenty-minute job and simple enough.

We seamlessly attached the Mosko Moto Back Country Panniers hard wedge to the fronts of the frames so we could slot the panniers in and out.

But another reason we opted for Outback racks is because we wanted to carry auxiliary petrol and water cannisters (one can on each bike) and needed to run each can on the inside of the frame so the pannier could live on the outside. If you don’t need to carry extra fuel or water, you could always opt for an Outback toolbox, which would fit in this place instead.

So, we went with the X-frame which comes with a removable plate so we could fit our Overland Fuel cannisters on the inside. This saves space and overall width. The X-frame also has additional mounting points over the standard frames which makes it easier to bungee or tie down soft luggage to your frames or pillion seat.

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Luggage rack

We also knew we wanted to carry a lightweight plastic top box and luckily Outback Motortek also produce a luggage rack that’s compatible with their pannier rack system. This was also very easy to install alongside the racks.

So far

After 4 months and 8,000 miles riding through Canada and the USA we have been very impressed with the Outback Motortek panniers. Despite taking a battering and dropping the bikes more than a few times, they’ve remained solid and fixed in position.

We were able to easily attach our Mosko Moto panniers, Overland Fuel cannisters and fit a luggage rack to them so they’ve proved to be both tough and multifunctional. 


The only negative I can think of with these pannier racks is that the pillion foot pegs and OEM tool box have to be removed, but this is specific to the Honda CRF300L that we fitted our racks to as any rack would require the rear pegs to be removed of that bike because there are no other mounting points. So, if you’re looking at these racks for another bike, you probably won’t have that issue.

Outback Motortek Pannier Racks Review


The Outback Motortek Pannier Racks are exceptionally well-made, tough, durable, solid construction and well thought out as they can be used with a multitude of accessories and luggage options as well as rear racks. They’re regarded as the best in the business and it’s easy to see why.


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