Our Round the World Motorcycle Packing List

Here’s our tried and tested, used and abused, hard-earned kit list. This is everything we carry and the complete packing list for our round the world motorcycle trip… 

Our Round the World Motorcycle Packing List
Packed up and ready to go somewhere in Mongolia


RTW Motorcycle Packing List

Packing for a never-ending round the world motorcycle adventure wasn’t going to be easy. We started overloaded and over-packed… and we’re still overloaded and over-packed today. It’s natural, everyone overpacks at home and either chucks it on the road or posts half of their stuff back. We’re still finding ways of doubling items up and sending stuff home. But below you’ll find what we’re down to today. And we’ve also included links under each section to more in-depth guides if you fancy digging deeper.

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Adventure riding gear

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Personal clothing

  • Sub Zero thermal down jacket. We use this under our motorbike jacket if it gets cold and can also use it when walking around towns or hiking. It has a double usage (hence why we chucked the thermal liner), compresses and stuffs into a small bag when not in use
  • Three pairs of riding socks
  • One pair of lightweight hiking trousers and one pair of shorts
  • Four t-shirts
  • Underwear
  • One pair of flip flops (we use our riding boots for long walks or if it’s cold, and use our flip flops for everything else

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The Best Motorcycle Touring Jackets
Loaded with skiing gear and on our way to Bulgaria


  • First aid kit
  • Ukulele (because why not)
  • Small compass


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Camping gear

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motorcycle camping in Mongolia Gobi Desert
Camping in the Gobi Desert

Adventure motorcycle

  • We have a pretty comprehensive tool kit, which allows us to fix most things on the bike. Check out our Ultimate Tool Kit guide as it lists all the equipment and tools we use to keep our bike going.  (Kriega Tool Roll Review).
  • We originally carried spare fuel and water in Rotopax containers. We used these from the UK to Japan as it was important for countries in Central Asia and Mongolia. But now we’re in Southeast Asia we have ditched the containers as we no longer need them.
  • Abus Granite lock (review) – We stopped using this big heavy lock and now use a cheap cable lock instead.
  • Pac Safe mesh net (review) – We have also stopped using the PacSafe mesh net as well. 
  • Mr Funnel petrol filter (review) Incredibly important in countries like Uzbekistan.

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Siberia motorcycle travel
A flat tyre in Siberia on day 1 of our strict 10-day transit visa through Russia....


  • We keep a separate bag for all our food because we like riding off into the wilderness and need to carry food supplies for a few days. We keep this food in a Kriega US-30 pack tied to the crash bars. Since ditching the Rotopax, we now store our water bottles in the food bag too. 
  • Easy to reach cutlery also lives in this bag. 
  • On the other crash bar we have a smaller Kriega US-10 which holds spares, miscellaneous stuff, waterproofs etc. 

Want to ride round the world?

If you’re reading this guide because you’re thinking about or planning a round the world motorcycle trip, then that’s incredible and congratulations on your first step!

We have sections on this website purely dedicated to round the world travel and helping you do it. Take a look at the Round the World section as it’s where we hold all of the RTW guides in one place. Good luck!

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Motorcycle adventure riding in Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan... a must visit for round the world motorcycle travellers.

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  1. This is really interesting to know. It’s my damn camping bag that takes up so much room lol! Got to try and find a smaller sleeping bag somewhere. Any recommendations for a lightweight one person tent? Thanks guys! Love the blog! x

    • Haha! Those darned camping bags! Yeah, they’re the biggest, bulkiest section of kit! We use the MSR Hubba (a very well renowned tent). I’ve been using MSR tents for about 8 years now and they’ve never broken on me so I just keep using them. Hilleberg are also pretty good and Vanguard too. Here’s a link to the Hubba and also look at the Freelite if you want to go super dooper light https://www.msrgear.com/ie/products/tents?prefn1=att_11&prefv1=1%20Person&page=0
      As for sleeping bags, we bought ours from Mountain warehouse and they’re very small and lightweight.
      Good luck with the packing!

  2. Great blog find very interesting sounds like you’re both living the dream are you going to write a book about your adventure please takecare and look after each other ???

    • Hi Les! Thanks very much for your comment and kind words. Haha writing this blog is a job in itself, not sure we’ll have time for a book! We’re really glad you like the website. Take care as well and all the best 😀

  3. A great way to pass the time whilst drinking my morning coffee… great articles on here, tons of tips and information… thank you.
    Stay well, stay safe and stay sane
    Here’s to getting back on the road

    • Ah! Thank you so much for your kind words! Much appreciated and we’re really glad you like the articles! We’ll try our best to stay safe… not sure about staying sane though!
      All the best 😀

    • Hi Imran,
      Is it possible to travel around the world on a 150-250cc motorcycle? Yes. 100%. Many people have done so already!


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