Nepal Motorcycle Rentals and Tours

Home to the mighty Mount Everest, beautiful Lake Pokhara, the epic Mustang Valley, colourful Kathmandu, stunning temples and a fascinating culture and people. Nepal is one of the best places in the world to rent a motorcycle or join a tour and here are some of the country’s best companies.

Nepal Motorcycle Tour and Rental Companies

Motorcycle Rental and Tour Companies in Nepal.

Please contact the companies listed on this page directly for more information.

Hearts & Tears Motorcycle Club

“Hearts & Tears is a Nepal based motorcycle touring company who live and breathe the Himalayas. From years of experience we know how to strike that fine balance of adventure, personalised experiences, culture/tradition, epic riding, fun nights, and ‘oh my god this is freaking awesome’ vibes, all whilst ensuring a professional, genuine, and honest approach to everything we do.”

Services: Guided motorcycle tours. Hearts & Tears offer fixed departure packaged tours and also custom packaged tours.

Touring bikes: The Royal Enfield Himalayan is their main touring bike. They also have the Royal Enfield Classic and 250cc enduro bikes in their fleet. 

Tour prices: Prices are from US$1,720 (£1,245) /rider for an all inclusive 7-day tour. Please see the website for full details.

Insurance: Yes.

Kit availability: Yes. Included free of charge.


motorcycle Mustang

Pokhara, Nepal

Matt Gardner

+977 9805 870 644

Globe More tours: This company also provides tours in Tibet, India, Georgia and Spain.

Far Xplorer

“With more than 50 years of combined expedition and guiding experience, we know how to create the ultimate adventure. The first company to offer fully-supported trips into the far western reaches of Nepal, we are the only operator with our own mobile basecamp. Our style of travel allows us to go far beyond popular tourist routes. And we also offer itineraries with accommodations in remote lodges and small hotels. Our specialty is going where few can.”

Services: Fully guided and supported motorcycle adventures. Custom expeditions available on routes never before traversed by outside travellers.

Touring bikes: Royal Enfield Himalayan and Classic 350cc motorcycles. 

Tour prices: All tours priced with the start/end in Kathmandu and are all-inclusive. Guide services begin the minute you step off the plane. Prices begin at $3,400 for ten day excursions.

Insurance: Available.

Kit availability: Helmets and jackets with limited inventory.


Far Xplorer


Christophe Noel

+1 970 501 8651

City Motorbike

“City Motorbike was established over 35 years ago. We’re teamed up with expert mechanics and regularly inspect our bikes, provide reasonable prices and some of the best bikes in Kathmandu. We also offer guided tours all over Nepal and have won three travellers choice awards by Trip Advisor for our services.”

Services: City Motorbike offer both rental motorcycles and fully guided tours in Nepal. 

Rental bikes: Hero Xpulsev, Honda XR  190l, Royal Enfield Himalayan, Royal Enfield 350cc, Honda CRFs and more. For a full list of their bikes and rates visit the website.

Touring bikes: Rental prices start from 8USD per day up to 70USD per day dependent on the bikes.

Tour prices: Tour prices start from 1,700USD to 4,500 USD dependent on tours.

Insurance: Not provided on rental bikes. 

Kit availability: Only helmets. 


City Motorbike

Kathmandu, Nepal

Sujan Maharjan

+9779843360610, +9779841205828


“We’re passionate about motorcycle travel and are always looking for new places to explore. Our aim is to give you a genuine motorcycle experience off the beaten track and packed with adventure!”

Services: Explore360 offer all inclusive adventure motorcycle tours and off-road training on your own or rental motorcycles (depending on the destination). 

Touring bikes: Honda CRF 250. The motorcycle rental prices are included in the tour price or separately mentioned in the brochure (check here on explore360).

Tour prices: Nepal tours start from £4,305 and are to the Upper Mustang region. For full details on the tour check their Nepal page

Insurance: Yes, third party insurance is included. Full coverage is sometimes optional.

Kit availability: No.


Explore360 Motorcycle Tour and Rentals

  Chris Wilthuis

+46 (0)720 150 570

Globe Worldwide: This company is on our Worldwide Companies page as they offer tours in Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Wales, Romania, Morocco, Nepal, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Uganda and South Africa

Quick Facts on Nepal Motorcycle Rentals and Tours


Typical motorcycle travel costs and prices

Money: ATMs can be found throughout Nepal but only expect them to work in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Currency: Nepalese Rupee.

Food: £10 per day on average.

Accommodation: £15 per day on average. 

When to go

The best time of year to rent or join a tour

The best time to rent a motorcycle or join a tour in Nepal is between March to December.


Visa, insurance and motorcycle licence

Visa: Visa requirements are dependent on your nationality. Please visit the country’s government website for visa information. 

Driver’s licence: You need a valid motorcycle licence to legally rent a motorcycle or join a tour. If you risk riding without the correct licence, then not only will you be breaking the law, but your insurance will be invalid too. 

International Driver’s Permit: An IDP is a requirement for many countries. The UK Gov website lists every country that requires one and which IDP is required. 

Insurance: Motorcycle insurance needs to be checked with the rental or tour company. Ask what they offer, what’s included and what the legal requirements are. 

You should purchase personal travel insurance separately from your home country before travelling. 


Capital: Kathmandu
Country code: +977

Emergency: 100

Language: Nepali

Time: GMT+5:45

Land Mass: 147,181 km²

Don't miss

The best motorcycle riding routes and attractions

Pokhara, Tatopani, Mustang and Lo Manthang. See our Nepal guides for more info. 

Flying in/out

The best airport to fly into and out of

Kathmandu airport. 

FAQs on Nepal Motorcycle Rentals and Tours

No, sorry. Mad or Nomad do not offer any rentals, tours or services. Please contact the companies listed on this page directly. 

This page displays motorcycle rental and tour companies from around the world. We do a lot of research into these companies before adding them and speak to the managers and owners. Many of the companies we have also used in the past or have met the owners while travelling.

While we have collected them all together in one place for your ease, we take no responsibility in your business with them. We’re simply showcasing companies in one easy-to-use place and are not involved with your dealings with them. Any business you have with these companies is at your own risk. We will not be held liable or responsible in any way.   

March to December are good months to ride in Nepal. 

Motorcycle rental prices in Nepal are reasonable as it’s a big market. Expect prices between £10-£50 per day. 

Tours can be anywhere from £1,500-£4,500 and over dependent on where you want to go. 

Take a video on your phone of the entire bike, do a walk around and film the condition of the chain, fairings, tyres, any bumps, dents and scratches. By doing so, you can’t get caught out and blamed for something you didn’t do when you return it.

Check the wheel bearings, chain, oil, coolant, brakes, clutch and that the handlebars are straight. Tyres need a decent amount of tread and should be suitable for the terrain you’re riding in. Take it for a short test ride and don’t feel pressured or rushed. Go with your gut and if there’s anything that catches your eye, speak to the owners immediately.

This is down to personal preference, where you’re riding and what’s available. If you’re renting or joining a motorcycle tour in the States and you’re going to be primarily on road, then you may want to opt for a big touring bike. If you’re headed to rural or mountainous countries and are going off-road in Central Asia for example, then go for a mid-weight single-cylinder. 

We usually find lighter and cheaper rental bikes are better because they’re less stress, you don’t have to worry about dropping them all the time, are easier to fix and more fun.

For more info on choosing the right motorcycle for your trip, have a look at the below guide and also check out the adventure bikes page too. 


We recommend lightweight and comfortable gear suitable for the climate you’re travelling in. If you’re heading to a particularly cold place, then go for Gore-Tex pro laminate. 

But, the best all-round option is ventilated, light and comfy adventure bike gear. Take the thermal and waterproof liners out and leave them at home. Take a cheap pair of waterproof throwovers and a compressible down jacket that can be stuffed into a small bag. You can use both items as layering if it’s cold and rainy and they double up when off the bike and will reduce the amount of gear you have to take with you in your luggage. 

It’s always better to take your own bike gear over renting or using kit from the rental company. You know your own stuff fits, works and is comfortable – especially your helmet. The last thing you want is to get a few days into your trip and get a headache from a tight lid. 

Check out our riding gear article for more info on how to choose the right clothing and the guides section for our recommended kit. 


Contact the rental or tour company and ask what luggage the bike comes with. Your bike might come with soft bags, hard boxes, a top box or nothing at all. 

You can often leave the gear you don’t want to take with you on the trip at the rental or tour company’s headquarters. So you can travel on a plane with a larger kit bag and just take the bag and gear you need on the bike. 

The type of luggage you need depends on the type of trip you’re on, how much off-roading you’re doing and how long you’re going for. 

A good option is to go for a waterproof duffle bag and a pair of Rok Straps as this type of luggage setup can be fastened to any bike’s pillion seat and you don’t need racks. And take an additional small and light rucksack for your important gear (camera, passport etc) so you don’t have to worry about it when off the bike. 

For more info on choosing your motorcycle luggage, check out our guide page below.

READ MORE: Adventure Bike Luggage Guides

Companies may offer motorcycle insurance as an optional extra, include it in the price or not offer it at all. This again depends on the country you’re riding in. 

It’s worth getting insurance if you can and ask what the excess is as you will usually be liable for damage to the bike. 

Motorcycle insurance is separate from personal travel insurance. This is incredibly important and you need to be very careful when choosing your personal insurance policy because the fine print often won’t cover you for bikes over 125cc, renting, touring or using a bike as your main mode of transport.

Check out our Admin section as you’ll find detailed guides on personal insurance, paperwork and safety on the road. 

READ MORE: Admin Guides

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Thanks for checking out our Nepal Motorcycle Tour and Rental Companies post. We hope you found what you were looking for. Here’s a few more articles on motorcycling in Nepal and Asia that we recommend you read next. 

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We’d love to hear from you! Let us know about your Nepal and Asia motorcycle tour experiences and ask any questions in the comments below. 

Please contact the companies listed on this page directly for more info on their rental and tour services.

10 thoughts on “Nepal Motorcycle Rental and Tour Companies”

  1. I did a solo 25 day tour across Nepal in 2022 and I used a place called BS Motorcycle rental. The guy in charge was “Babu” and he was very knowledgeable about bikes in general and the riding conditions around Nepal. He let me try a Honda XR 190 for a day, but I ended up taking a Honda CRF250 for the tour. Both bikes were in good shape and were thoroughly serviced prior to being taken out. The prices were also negotiable for long trips, and ended up being very reasonable. I highly recommend this place for small or large group tours, or solo tours (if you think you have the stones for it).

    • Hi Tom, thanks for your comment and apologies for my incredibly late reply – I for some reason just completely missed your comment! Thank you very much for your recommendation, that’s good to know and I’m sure readers will find that very helpful – thanks. I’ll contact BS about adding them to this page.
      Also, your trip sounds excellent – a Honda 250 in Nepal must have been great fun! Where did you go? I love riding in Nepal, especially the northern region up to Lo Manthang – what an incredible country!

      • Hey Andy,
        I rented the bike in Kathmandu, and after a couple of days riding around town, I headed west to Pokhara. There I got my trekking permits and rode up the west side of the Annapurna trek, through Beni and into Jomsom. Then I rode through the Mustang region, ending up in Muktinath (where the road literally ended). I did a few days of high altitude hiking and then returned to Pokhara. I then went to Gorkha, before leaving the Himalayas and heading down to Lumbini (right at the Indian border). After that, I rode across the southern plains and ended up in Sauraha, where I did a safari in Chitwan national park. I then ended my trip by riding back to Kathmandu. It was an amazing solo journey with some of the toughest riding but most rewarding scenes I’ve ever seen.

        I ended up paying around 900 $US cash for a 25 day rental and I thought the CRF 250 was absolutely the best bike for the environment. More powerful than the Himalayan and much lighter. And of course, it being a Honda, nothing broke on the bike.

        If you have an email address, I will send you some pics of the trip.

    • Tom,

      Just read your post and hoping you will see mine. I am also planning a solo (Not really solo, GF will be on the back) trip to Nepal and it has honestly been pretty hard to find some solid info on making your own journey. I was wondering if there was anyway I could shoot you an email and pick your brain on a lot of the details that would go into doing my own trip. Appreciate the response.



      • Sure. My email is

        I did a solo 1 month tour of Nepal that included all the major places I wanted to see. Most of them were within a 1 day ride to each other. I will also add that in my 30 years of riding all over the world, the ride from Kathmandu to Pokhara was the most dangerous thing I’ve done in my life.

  2. Hello. I’m beginning to plan for a self guided tour of Nepal sometime in 2023. Could you refer me to a motorcycle rental shop? (Just the bike rental, no tour) Maybe that’s you? Any referals on reading material or websites you think are essential would also be much appreciated!! Thank you…

    • Hi Dan, thanks for your message.
      This page is like a directory – it lists our recommended rental and tour companies in Nepal. There’s a couple of companies on this page that provide rentals. Please feel free to get in touch with them via their listed contacts above.
      As for reading materials, have you checked out our Nepal Motorcycle Travel Guides page?
      Hope this all helps, please feel free to get in touch if you need anything else

    • Hi Dan,
      Just to add, have you seen Tom’s comment above? He recommends a company that deals with rentals – not tours – as you requested.

    • Check out they are a rental shop in Kathmandu that is a short walk from the tourist hotels in the area. They do daily and monthly rentals and have a wide range of bikes and scooters.

      I rented a Honda CRF250 which is listed at US 75$ per day. I ended up paying about $900 US for a 25 day rental in April 2022.

      Have fun..


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