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Looking for motorcycle rentals and tours in Kyrgyzstan? MuzToo (now known as AlaaToo Moto) are legendary in overlanding circles for RTW riders needing repairs and for rentals. Here’s who they are and what they offer… 

MuzToo AlaaToo Motorcycle Tours in Kyrgyzstan (4)

Motorcycle Rental in Kyrgyzstan

Who are MuzToo? (Now AlaaToo Moto)

From the management:

“MuzToo (AlaaToo) is a motorcycle rental, tour and garage business in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. We’ve been renting out bikes and arranging motorcycle tours for six years now to people from all over the world. People fly in, pick-up a bike and head off for weeks to discover Kyrgyzstan, or ride our bikes into Tajikistan and the Pamirs, Mongolia, Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan for no extra charge!” For more info on renting in Kyrgyzstan, check out our guide below:

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Single bike rental

MuzToo (AlaaToo Moto) has a fleet of Yamaha XT600E motorcycles. It’s between £50-£70 a day and negotiable dependent on your rental time. Prices include tools, oil, tubes, panniers and fully comprehensive insurance. If you’re coming with mates and renting more than one bike then they can always work on the price with you. This is a great option for Kyrgyzstan, as it’s an easy country to travel around and for cross border and longer tours. 

Rental motorbikes in Osh Kyrgyzstan guide

Kyrgyzstan Motorcycle Tours

A 7-8-day tour is around £1,700 per person. It’s the complete package, including bike, servicing, hotels, food, support vehicle, insurance and kit. You’ll need five friends to book a private tour. Or you can always join an existing group.

MuzToo AlaaToo Motorcycle Tours in Kyrgyzstan (4)

Bring your own

MuzToo (AlaaToo) is famous in overlanding circles, you can work on your own motorbike in the shop, employ one of their mechanics or even have your bike shipped anywhere in the world from there. They can help you source parts for your bike too.

Muz Too mechanic in Osh Kyrgyzstan

What other services do they offer?

As well as single bike rental and tours, MuzToo (AlaToo) are excellent for helping overlanders on their way. They have fantastic mechanics who will help fix your bike up, jet washes and a wide selection of tools for you to fix your own bike. 

They can also help you ship spare parts in via DHL from your home country or around the world. 

There is also on-site accommodation at the MuzToo (AlaToo) garage with large double rooms.  

MuzToo AlaaToo Motorcycle Tours in Kyrgyzstan (4)

How to get in contact

motorcycle rental Kyrgyzstan  Osh, South Kyrgyzstan

motorcycle rental Kyrgyzstan

motorcycle rental Kyrgyzstan   Manager: Shahruh Abragimov

motorcycle rental Kyrgyzstan +996 555 143 982

motorcycle rental Kyrgyzstan  Kyrgyzstan:

motorcycle rental Kyrgyzstan Switzerland:

For more details, visit the Motorcycle Rental Companies in Kyrgyzstan 

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