Motorcycle Travel Guides Norway

Motorcycle Travel Guide: Norway

This quick motorcycle travel guide wraps up what you need to know about motorcycling in Norway. 

By Mike Taylor

By Mike Taylor

Mike’s our European Touring Expert. He's seriously knowledgeable on Scotland and knows his way round the Continent too.

Norway Motorcycle Travel Guide

Motorcycle Travel Guide: Norway

Norway is home to some seriously mind blowing scenery, phenomenal roads and friendly people. Where else can you ride across the Arctic Circle and on to the most northerly point in Europe? Read on for top routes, costs, paperwork and tips. 

Top Routes

  • Å to Bjerkvik. Ride from the bottom of the Lofoten Islands back up.
  • Fossbergom to Åndalsnes. This takes you across the Mountains to Geirangerfjord and the famous Trollstigen
  • Olderfjord to Nordkapp. It’s the furthest north you can ride your bike on the European mainland.
  • Don’t miss the Lofoten Islands. Trust me, they are like another world.

When to go

Go in the summer as it is COLD the rest of the year. In the far north it doesn’t get dark in the summer months.

Norway Motorcycle Travel Guide

The Cost

  • Norway can be a very expensive country if you are staying in hotels and eating out and drinking in pubs. Far cheaper if you’re camping and preparing your own food.
  • Fuel is around £1.30 a per litre
  • A meal in a restaurant is around £30-£40 per person and goes up from there.
  • A beer is around £10 in a pub.
  • Hotels start around £100 per night.
  • Camping is £10 per night. Hytte (cabins) start around £25 and you’ll need a sleeping bag. You can wild camp for free in Norway.
Norway Motorcycle Travel Guide


  • Apart from the usual insurance and bike related documentation there is no special paperwork required for Norway.
  • Bikes don’t pay tolls in Norway with the exception of the toll to access Nordkapp and a few other passes.
  • Speeding fines can be huge in Norway, 
Norway Motorcycle Travel Guide

Getting there and away

Norway can be accessed by ferry from Denmark or by crossing the borders from Sweden, Finland or Russia. The crossings from Sweden and Finland are very easy while the Russia crossing may take a couple of hours.

Norway Motorcycle Travel Guide

Top Tips for Motorcycle Travel in Norway

  • Keep an eye out for reindeer and moose. They are big beasties and jump out onto the road without warning.
  • Supermarkets are far cheaper than petrol stations for food.
Norway Motorcycle Travel Guide

Mike runs a motorcycle touring company in Scotland. If you fancy a guided tour or need some help planning your perfect route, get in touch with him at

To read about Mike’s motorcycle tour of Norway on his way to Russia, click here.

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