Motorcycle Shipping Guides

This page holds all of our articles related to motorcycle shipping in one place. You’ll find everything you need to know here.

Motorcycle Shipping Explained

Start here with our complete guide to international motorcycle shipping.

This detailed and comprehensive guide is packed with info on international motorcycle shipping. Our industry expert explains everything you need to know about motorcycle shipment, air versus sea freight, agents, crating, paperwork, insurance  and loads more.

If you’re planning on shipping a motorcycle abroad. Have a read of this guide first. 


Shipping Companies

Recommended motorcycle shipping companies from around the world. Try our interactive map. 

Welcome to the International Motorcycle Shipping Companies Finder.

This page lists worldwide shipping companies, fixers, customs brokers and ferry services. Check out the page and you’ll find an interactive map (or use the continent drop down menus), simply click a country on the map to see what service providers we recommend there.


UK to Europe Motorcycle Transport

There are dedicated companies specially set up for transporting motorcycles from the UK to Europe for touring trips. Here’s how to do it.

Recommended UK to Europe motorcycle transport companies.

What you need to know about UK to Europe Transport services.

Motorcycle Touring and Travel guides for Europe and the UK.

Destination Guides

You’ll find country specific shipping guides in our Motorcycle Travel Destinations section. 

Visit the Destinations section and you’ll find all the countries we have guides for listed in alphabetical order. Click a country you’re interested in and it’ll display all the guides we have on it.

We do have shipping guides for a bunch of the countries we list such as Russia, Japan, South Korea, Cambodia, Australia, Canada and so on. You’ll find more detailed guides in there. 


Paperwork and Further Reading

Paperwork and shipping go hand in hand. Check the Destination guides for country specific paperwork requirements and have a read of these overview paperwork guides too.

Ever wondered what a Carnet de Passage is? You’ll need one if travelling round-the-world in your own vehicle. Here’s the info.