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Motorcycle shipping companies in Mongolia.

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LOXX Pan Europa GmbH

We have organised motorcycle transport to and from Mongolia for over 25 years and have now successfully implemented Central Asia as well. Your needs are solved with our experience”

Business: International motorcycle freight forwarder specialising in Europe, Russia, Central Asia and Mongolia with specialised transport services for Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.  

Ships to: Specialises in shipping motorcycles from anywhere in Europe to and from Central Asia and Mongolia. Loxx Pan Europa is able to collect/deliver from all over Europe and EFTA countries and transport your motorcycle to Asia. 


  • Primarily transit by road (truck), but are also able to organise full container loads by railway or sea as well. 


LOXX Pan Europa Motorcycle Shipping

Pleidelsheim, Germany

Fabian Klassen

+49 7144 99 81 704


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6 thoughts on “Mongolia International Motorcycle Shipping Companies”

    • Hi Brian, you will need to speak to an Australian shipping company to find out if they go that way first and see what agent contacts they have in Ulaanbaatar.
      I’d recommend getting in touch with Brent on our Aus page here: Recommended Australia Shipping Companies and asking if he can ship that way and if he has contacts for receiving in Mongolia.
      If he doesn’t have contacts there, try asking Fabian on this page if they deal with receiving bikes via air freight – if not, he should still have a contact that does.

      On a side note, i’m sure you’re already aware, but carefully plan your next steps after Mongolia if you’re shipping a bike there as you can only go through Russia or China after (unless you want to ship back out, in which case it makes more sense to just rent a bike there) and both of those countries are difficult for visas and paperwork and expensive to ride through.

      All the best and let us know how you get on,
      Hope this helps and best of luck!

  1. Thanks for the advice Andy, i was thinking of a trip from Mongolia to Istanbul that a friend had done quite a few years ago but forgot you had to go through either China or Russia. May have to rethink !
    Thanks Brian.

    • Hi Brian,
      No worries. Yeah, it’s a great route from Istanbul to Mongolia, especially through Central Asia. For this route you wouldn’t need to go through China, so you’d just have to sort out a Russian visa, which is possible but currently rather expensive and should be done from your home country.
      Cheers and best of luck with your trip planning,

  2. Hi,

    we are currently planning a trip from Utrecht (Netherlands) to Mongolia. we are reviewing possibilities of getting our bike back from Mongolia to Netherlands. We were thinking about shipping it from Shanghai, but china is very difficult with own bike.. we are now reviewing if we can ship it with cargo/truck back from Mongolia to somewhere in Europe.

    can you help us with that?



    • Hi Nino,
      1. You can try putting the bike on the Trans Siberian Railway (there is an article on that on our website under Russia) and then ship the rest of the way.
      2. Try emailing the company listed on this page directly and see what they say, their email address is listed above.
      3. Often people ship/cargo back from Almaty. If you want to do that, then visit the UK Shipping Companies page and get in touch with Moto Freight because they have an agent there.
      I hope this helps,


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