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Las Vegas to Glacier National Park Motorcycle Ride Report

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Learning lessons on the road

Part of riding seems to be a conversation with yourself in your head. You debate all sorts of things, including what other drivers might do, or how they might cut you off, you discuss last night’s accommodation and the food, the roads you’ve ridden and the roads you’re going to ride. Your days replay through your mind…

I had just ridden 3,500 miles from Las Vegas to Glacier National Park and as I neared home after 13 days on the road my thoughts turned to the trip coming to a conclusion. I reflected on the many experiences I had been through, some new and some challenging.

It was my first long ride and my first off-road ride too. I had experienced intense desert heat, gusty winds, incessant rain and cold mornings. I had short days and long days – and one very long 650-mile day. Camping with a motorcycle was new too, and I learned that while independence was great, every now and again I needed to stay in a hotel with a hot shower, and that it wasn’t comfortable sleeping in a tent.

I had also experienced the caring and generosity of complete strangers. People seem to shine when they care for someone.

My fastidious planning fell apart when it rained for several days. I learned to change the plan, and in some cases the outcome was even better than the original. I also learned that not everything is perfect on the road. Roads are not all happy yellow bricks and the sun doesn’t shine every day. But North America is an incredibly diverse country, and I experienced stark differences every single day.

Riding alone also brings a certain type of experience too, but at times, you wish you had someone to share that experience with, for both the happy times – and the difficult times.

But most importantly, I learned that there is true joy and magic in the motorcycle and the experience that it decides to give you. One must recognize and give immense gratitude to the motorcycle.

All these things I learned about myself only because I went for it and hit the road with my bike. So I hope to ride again soon. Perhaps a bigger adventure is in store next…

See you on the road.

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