Laos Motorcycle Rentals and Tours

Here’s our recommended motorcycle rental and tour companies for Laos.

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Big Bike Tours

“Big Bike Tours offer the most exhilarating authentic motorbike touring holidays and adventure motorcycle tours in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Tibet (China) – all starting from Chiang Mai, Thailand.”

Services:  Fully inclusive guided motorcycle tours from Thailand to Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Tibet.

Tour bikes: BMW G310GS, BMW F80GS, Kawasaki Versys 650, Kawasaki ER-6N 650, Honda CB650F, Honda CB500X, Honda CB300F, Honda CRF250 Rally.

Tour prices: Tours range from 3-20 days with their lowest priced tours starting at £180. There’s a huge selection of tours to choose from and prices are dependent on the country, tour time and bikes. Check out their Tour Price page for more info. 

Insurance: Standard motorcycle damage insurance is included in the tour price and covers incidental damages. Customers are liable for the first £630. You can always opt for additional insurance.

Kit availability: Helmets, jackets, knee guards and gloves are all provided for free.

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Big Bike Tours Thailand

Laos Motorcycle Rental  Chiang Mai, Thailand

Laos Motorcycle Rental

Laos Motorcycle Rental  Mr. Nirin Chaiyapan

Laos Motorcycle Rental (WhatsApp) +66 80 127 2595

Laos Motorcycle Rental


Lao Adv Tours

Lao Adv Tours is run by Chris Corbett who knows Laos like the back of his hand, has an extremely well maintained modern fleet of Honda CRF250Ls and knows what he’s doing. 

Services: Rentals, tours and maintenance.

Rental bikes: Honda CRF250L

Rental prices: £50 per day with deals for longer rentals.

Tour prices: Around £200 per day. Prices can be cheaper dependent on your group size and the length of the tour.

Insurance: Third party insurance is included.

Kit availability:  Kit is available. 


Fact File

Laoadvtours Motorcycle Rental in Laos

Laos Motorcycle Rental  Luang Prabang, Laos

Laos Motorcycle Rental

Laos Motorcycle Rental   Chris, Corbett

Laos Motorcycle Rental +8562091374267

Laos Motorcycle Rental


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