Klim Vanguard GTX Short Gloves Review

“Classic Klim. Tough, durable, well made, packed with neat little touches and do their job well. The Klim Vanguard Gore-Tex are brilliant touring gloves.”

Klim Vanguard motorcycle gloves review

Klim Vanguard Gloves Review


  • Price: £134.99
  • Mileage tested: 1000
  • Testing conditions: Touring Japan
  • Durability: 55
  • Fit and comfort: 45
  • Protection: 45
  • Value for money: 45
  • Where to buy UK: sportsbikeshop.co.uk
  • Where to buy US: revzilla.com


The Vanguards were just about the perfect glove for touring through Japan as the seasons changed and here’s why… They sit slap bang in the middle of winter and summer riding but can still cope with either and that’s exactly what we needed. They’re light short cuffs and Gore-Tex, so it didn’t matter if one day I’d be riding through the sun and the next I’d hit a downpour. Using this type of glove meant I didn’t have to flit between my chunky winter warmers and summer mesh gloves.

Klim Vanguard motorcycle gloves review

They come with lots of nice touches like an easy closure system with a sturdy zip and Velcro fastener. They’re also easy to pull on thanks to the pull tab. They come with plenty of protection, tough goat leather, reflective panelling, padding for the palm and flexible rubber knuckle protection.

Klim Vanguard motorcycle gloves review

What’s good?

These gloves are great in the wet as well. Another handy feature are the touchscreen fingertips, which come in extremely useful when touring and playing about with sat-navs and GPS, especially in the rain as it saves taking your gloves on and off.

Klim Vanguard motorcycle gloves review

The Gore-Tex membrane doesn’t make your hands sweaty in the summer months and does a fantastic job of keeping the water out. It also has a handy visor wipe on the index finger too. But most importantly, the whole inside of the glove doesn’t come streaming out stuck to your fingers when you yank your hand out. There’s nothing more annoying than riding in wet conditions than spending twenty minutes trying to shove a glove’s liner back inside.

Klim Vanguard motorcycle gloves review

What’s not?

However, they’re not winter gloves and if the temperature drops below double digits, you’ll definitely feel it. The Vanguards are best suited for warm, cool and rainy conditions.

Klim Vanguard motorcycle gloves review

Round up

Overall, these gloves are well-made, tough with excellent build quality and a great fit. They’re all day comfy when on the bike and will see you through most of the year.

Klim Vanguard motorcycle gloves review

Klim Vanguard Guards Review:

Total score: 1720

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