Kenya Motorcycle Rentals and Tours

Here’s our recommended motorcycle tour and rental companies for Kenya.

Kenya Motorcycle Rental and Tour Companies


“We organise the ultimate off-road exerience on African trails in Kenya and Tanzania by motorcycle. We’ve been running tours since 1999 and provide a unique and close encounter with African people and wildlife.”

Services: Guided motorcycle tours in East Africa, Kenya  and Tanzania as well as bespoke tours and off-road training.

Tour bikes: Honda XR 400 and 250 (electric starter).

Tour prices: Tour prices range from £2,350 – £3,130 dependent on the number of participants. The tours are all-inclusive and last 7,8,9 or 14 days as well as bespoke tours and training. 

Insurance: Insurance is included.

Kit availability:  Gear can be supplied if needed. 

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Aventure Safaris Africa Kenya Motorcycle Tours

 Mombasa, Kenya

   Frederic Poincon 

+254 712 730 219



“We are the most reliable and affordable bike rental service in East Africa. Our well maintained motorcycles are ready to hit the road wherever you want to go, within Kenya and across borders, no problem!”

Services: Motorcycle and Gear Rental, cross border rental + Motorcycle Pick up/drop off

Rental bikes: Kibo 250cc , Bajaj Boxer 150cc and TVS Wego Scooter 110cc.

Rental prices: Daily rates are £27, £15 and £14 approx. for the Kibo 250cc, Boxer 150cc and Wego 110cc respectively.

Tour prices: There are currently bi-weekly day tours for £47 approx. iRideNairobi also assist renters to chart longer tours in Kenya and East Africa.

Insurance: The motorcycle has comprehensive insurance, however a refundable security deposit of £77 is required during the rental to cover minor damage that is below insurance repair thresholds.

Kit availability: Each rental comes with a helmet and reflector as standard. Additional gear is available at a fee.

Fact File

iRideNairobi Nairobi Motorcycle Tours and Rentals

 Nairobi, Kenya


+254 (0) 794 592 350


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4 thoughts on “Kenya Motorcycle Rental and Tour Companies”

  1. Good morning, I’m Germán Barreto From La Sierra Mototravel company that belongs to WALA group, a Holding which is dedicated to touring on motorcycles and horsebackriding in different parts of the world.

    I would like to talk with you from, taking advantage of the fact that I will be on a Horse Safari in Kenya from June 28 to July 3. The objective of this meeting is to know a little more about your company, and see if we can make an alliance to take motorcycle riders to Kenya and Tanzania next year.
    If you are interested to do this meetings im going to stay a few more days in Nairoby.

    German Barreto
    +57 3108136637
    Colombia South América
    The Sierra Mototravel

    • Hi German, thanks for your comment. This section and page in particular is to showcase recommended an excellent motorcycle touring and rental companies operating in Kenya. We (Mad or Nomad) don’t actually offer any tours or rentals, we’re simply listing businesses that do for our readers. Please feel free to get in touch with the companies listed on this page though to pitch your ideas. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you. Thanks and best of luck, Andy

  2. hello , dear concerned….

    I wish to arrive in Mombasa , kenya early 2023 as a tourist. I wish to purchase an ok second hand motorbike, not off road. 150 to 250 cc is ok. Small is ok. To use on the east coast of kenya a couple of months. Then drive into Tanzania, ending up in Dar es salaam. Selling it there a few months after purchase. A one way trip.
    I will continue without the moto to comoros islands and madagascar.
    Is this possible for a tourist ??? Any problems selling a Kenyan motorbike in Tanzania ?
    If not, do you have any connections in Mombasa for my purchase ?

    If non of the above is possible. I am willing to arrive in Arusha , Tanzania. Purchase it there. Enter Kenya for same as above then to Dar es salaam to resale. Any issues at the border with this idea or the above idea.
    Thank you, Dharma

    • Hi Dharma, thanks for your comment. Great to hear you’re planning a trip in Kenya and Tanzania!
      This page is like a directory, we simply list great motorcycle rental and tour companies that we recommend. We don’t offer rentals ourselves. So, please get in touch with the companies listed on this page directly. You’ll find their websites, email addresses and contact details listed above. I’m sure they’ll be happy to help you!
      All the best with your trip,


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